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Caps at SFU


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Happened to stumble across them after class today. They were practising on the Terry Fox field near the front entrance to the school (their regular spot, right?). Piette not training- just on the stationary bike. Xausa and Nash looked sharp, and the drills were surprisingly intense. Dasovic is in really great shape. I had the feeling a lot of the guys know they have a chance to get at least a sniff at the B team for July. Franks wasn't playing either. How seriously is he injured? Will it put his potential spot on the MNT in jeopardy? Oh yeah, the most interesting thing was Carlo in street clothes running a bunch of the drills. He looked good out there and may well be thinking of sliding into coaching a la Dasovic over the next year or two. Who knows- he may have to step in this year...

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