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Yallop On Inside Soccer Talk Radio


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Here's a summary courtesy of TGJM on the old forum....

(Guess there are reasons to keep the old forum:) )


Frank Yallop Experience on Inside Soccer - Summary


13 minute interview - not much important said

Field played a part in not getting 10 goals

Belize could not play because of finances - if they couldn't draw a crowd in Belize

Asked local organizers to include B Team in Hearts/Millwall tournament in Vancouver. Will use guys in A-League and U20 so Frank can look at them

When asked about Americans having about 30 players in their pool he says Canada has a pool of 18 players

For those who think he's a Watson crony he said there's a big difference between Everton and A-League.

MLS big step up from A-League

Wants Canadians to play as North Americans in MLS and wants to get a team in Canada

One bad result doesn't ruin chances in semis.

Looks for 10 pts to go through

Iain Hume took a silly penalty but said it wasn't a yellow card. Told Hume to stay away from yellow card situations

Seems to like run and gun i.e. Czech Republic/Holland Says that's the way game should be played

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