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UEFA: Three-match ban for Totti


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Three-match ban for Totti

by Mark Chaplin from Lisbon

UEFA has banned Italy forward Francesco Totti for three matches after he spat at Denmark midfield player Christian Poulsen during the sides' goalless draw on Monday.

Appeal possible

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has 24 hours to appeal the decision but, as it stands, Totti will miss tomorrow's game against Sweden in Porto and the Azzurri's final Group C fixture against Bulgaria in Guimarães, as well as Italy's quarter-final tie should they progress from their group. Totti could play against Sweden only if the UEFA appeals body decides to suspend the sentence following an appeal.

Admission of guilt

Totti, who had been charged yesterday with gross unsporting conduct, admitted his guilt but the AS Roma player said the act had been out of character and that he had been subject to provocation. Lawyers representing the FIGC argued that Totti had reacted impulsively, but not aggressively, to what they alleged was provocation by the Danish player, and called for a more lenient suspension.

'Sends out message'

William Gaillard, UEFA's director of communications and public affairs, said: "The body considered the player's admission of guilt, the particular circumstances of the tournament as well as the gravity of the offence." Totti spat in Poulsen's face in the 50th minute of the match in Guimarães and Gaillard added: "This decision sends out a message that we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour."

Video evidence

The investigation into the incident was called by UEFA yesterday after a complaint by the Danish Football Association, who supplied video evidence. Spanish match referee Manuel Mejuto González did not see the incident.

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As much as i hate Totti, he is Italy's best player right now, and because of that teams are afraid of him and what he can do. Consequently teams look to him and that creates more space for others like Del Piero etc (not that it happened in game one but in theory it should).

I'm afraid that his stupidity has cost the team a valuble member and he should be friggin ashamed of himself..I don't know if its been reported what his reaction was but this is from www.goal.com; I can't find it now, but it is his contriteness (or the act of) that astounded me...'The person who was on that video is not the real Totti, the real Totti is not like that' (i'm sorry for paraphrasing but i cant find the blasted thing [:P])

Oh yes the REAL Totti would never fake injury to gain advantage, or argue constantly to the ref, or play act or generally act like an overgrown 15 year old. NEVER would he spit not just once, but several times in someone's face! He has severely damaged the changes of Italy AGAIN! His dive against Korea in WC2002 was before, and MAYBE excusable, MAYBE, but this is the height of arrogance

This is worse than Beckham's acts, Totti takes the cake,

Now if you will excuse me, i will be punching some pillows...

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Lucky it's only three games. Sounds like you've already been given the benefit of the dought. I'm quite sure if it was thought to have been in character you're tourny would be over.

Would be very surprised if Italy didn't advance, Totti or no.

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