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CPSL Toronto Supra vs Boavista FC (Portugal)

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Result of the Exhibition game between Toronto Supra (CPSL) and Boavista FC (Portugal) played Sunday May 30th, 2004 at 7:30pm at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke.

5 min...Supra Michael Diluca GOAL...Diluca receives cross from right and sends 12 yard shot from left is low and in to right corner of net beyond goalie Khadim.

12 min...BFC player takes long throw-in from right, and BFC Diogo Valente dives in box when touched from behind by defender. Referee Steve DePiero calls for a Penalty kick.

13 min...BFC Ricardo Sousa GOAL...Sousa sends penalty kick low to left side as goalie crumples in center of net.

39 min...BFC Hugo Monteiro GOAL...Monteiro takes low 30 yard shot in clear and goalie Michael Silva five yards off line goes down too soon and ball backspins off his gloves over him into open net.

47 min...BFC Jose Pedro GOAL...Halftime sub Pedro taps ball in on backheel from 1 yard as BFC Diogo Valente rushes in from left side and rolls him cross.

73 min...BFC Diogo Valente GOAL...Valente bursts through middle and picks low right corner of net from 10 yards.

74 min...BFC Paulo Gomes GOAL...Gomes gets through ball on left and takes 12 yard shot low and into right corner of net.

88 min...Supra Jose Moreira GOAL...Moreira bursts through middle and eludes trip attempt by defender at 45 yard line and from 25 yards even with everyone on 3 on 3 rush chips shot around goalie 10 yards out and into left side of net.

91 min...Jose Pedro GOAL...Pedro is touched back pass and blasts 16 yarder to low left side of net.

Final Score:.........Toronto Supra........2...........Boavista FC (Portugal)...........6...........

Attendance was about 1600 on this warm evening with a bright sun in the northwest for the first half of the game. The game was scheduled on only two weeks notice and $25 per ticket. The game actually kicked off at 7:43pm which was over an hour later than it was supposed to begin. There was some kind Indian wrestling tournament going on earlier (maybe that explains all the taxicabs in the parking lot :) ) and Parks & Rec needed some time to clean the grounds. Groundscrew painted over a huge centre circle.

The crowd cheered both sides and booed the referee for the awarding of the Penalty kick on the rather weak contact and dive by Valente. The skill of Boavista really shone through in the second half with the two goals soon after their team brought in three fresh players at the 66th minute to go with two other subs at halftime. Supra were moving the ball around nicely and never resorted to punting the ball upfield for kick and run.

The uniforms worn by Boavista were the worst I've ever seen to decipher players. The black & white checkers on their shirts were nice to look at but then their numbers were red and placed right on their backs which made the numbers impossible to read except for players on the near sideline. I made sure to thank CFMT reporter Alex Franco because it was he and a Portuguese journalist who could figure out who the players were by possibly their hair colour. In a few days I should have a longer report on my web site but lots of expressions of "a BFC player took a 35 yard freekick and another BFC player headed it over the net from 10 yards...". I'm not on a first name basis with the Boavista players but over half the team are known by only one name.

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Having just attended the Edmonton-Minnesota game, I had to laugh at your comments about deciphering players. It was hard to read the numbers and names on the jerseys from both teams, especially Minnesota.

I've always thought that the program should list their height and weight (which they did in the picture sections for the Aviators in the permanent part of the programme), but also things like hair colour and style, complexion and body types (ie: "lanky with spindly legs") :D!

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