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Good news for Fury W-league and PDL 2005


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artificial surface= feildturf. (i'm told)

New-look Harris a field of dreams

By ANDY WATSON, Ottawa Sun

Carleton University will soon turn its attention to upgrading one of its last remaining athletic fields, Keith Harris Stadium. According to director of athletics Drew Love, an overhaul of Keith Harris will begin once the final touches on building a triple-gymnasium and a twin-pad hockey complex are complete.

Earlier this month, Love and associates from Carleton athletics presented the idea to the university's board of governors.

"The board seemed receptive,'' Love said. ''They were in favour of us looking into more detail on adding a renovation of Keith Harris to our athletics master plan."

The renovation would include the installation of an artificial surface, outdoor lighting and seating upgrades.

"With all the construction and upgrading of facilities going on at Carleton, we needed to address the issue of field space," Love said.

"We need more grass fields. With a turf surface and the addition of lights, we'll be able to get a great deal of use out of the facility and can operate it during all hours."

Love estimated the cost for the field and the lighting will be $1.5-$1.75-million.

The facility would be open from the spring through the fall, and would be self-contained, with dressing rooms, spectator washrooms and a new concession stand, Love said.

Seating capacity would be at least 4,000, he said.

"Our focus is still on completing the projects we have under way," Love added. "Once we have accomplished those tasks, we can concentrate on Keith Harris.

''Ideally, on an ambitious schedule, we'd be looking to open the renovated field in the fall of 2006."

The stadium, which is named after the school's former athletic director and football supporter, was built in 1973 and has a current capacity of 3,000.

The stadium renovations would continue a major upgrading of Carleton's athletic facilities.

The first phase of the master plan was completed in 2003 with the opening of a covered-turf fieldhouse and running track.

The second phase, the triple gymnasium complex, is behind schedule and is expected to open early in 2005.

Business manager John Wilson said it could open as early as mid-December or as late as February.

The third phase, the twin-pad arena complex, is still in the design stages. It has received initial approval from the board of governors and one of three designs will be selected in July. Construction is scheduled to start this fall.

The complex will include a 700-seat main arena and its' ice surfaces will be NHL size. Love expects it to be open by September 2005.


The three phases caused a loss of two outdoor fields, including one with lighting.

"We lost a lot of practice space with these other renovations," Love said. "Right now, our field is in high demand, but it's in such good shape because we say no to so many people."

He said other sports teams, such as the Ottawa Renegades and the Ottawa Fury, would benefit from Keith Harris' renovation as well.

"We've had offers in the past from the Renegades to host their training camp (at Carleton), but have been unable to accommodate them because we need the field space and facilities for our summer camps," Love said.

"This renovation would be a great fit for the community and the university, giving everyone increased options for accessible outdoor field space."


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The hell with the PDL. Go for the big one: the A-League. I don't want to come across annoying, objectionable, offensive or odious, but I am getting sick and tire that people are always promoting the PDL here on this board. To me, it's like accepting mediocrity. I really think that Canadian cities such as Winnipeg and Ottawa should strive for much bigger things or better exploits. These cities either have CFL and NHL clubs (or should say that one was an ex-NHLer). Therefore, aim high toward the A-League.

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Well right now Keith Harris is used less than 20 times a year. Whats wrong with having a good feild that can be used 20 times a week without wear and tear.

Ottawa has a terrible feild shortage for all levels of play. I'm always amased at the feild snobs. Terry Fox, both North And South have been horrible paying surfaces for years. There is nothing "proper" about that pigeon landing strip.

As a player I'd play and practice on feildturf anyday than Terry Fox.

As for the A-league. Luis got your checkbook ready? PDL can be run on crowds less than 1500. Try that with an A-league team.

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I agree with G-Man. Its not as though we'll be holding any World Cup qualifiers at Keith Harris. For high-use facilities, FieldTurf still makes sense. You can play later into the fall and start earlier in the spring.

I hope they can squeeze a little more width and length into the pitch once they renovate.

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