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A Game in Saint John ?


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None scheduled yet, I don't think. Checking for officially set matches

is tough, as the collated fixture list on the CSA site is only updated to the end of 2003, and one has to rely on individual announcemnts!

Only guessing, but the best bet may be summer or fall preparation friendlies for preparation for the U-19 Women's Worlds, in Thailand assuming we qualify at the CONCACAF qualifiers in Ottawa/Montreal in lateMay/earlyJune. Even then, I would expect most the friendlies would more likely involve W-League teams elsewhere, but you could get an international friendly.

Maybe some friendlies for the mens' (unlikely to qualify early in Feb) or women's (likely to qualify in late Feb) Olympic teams, in spring or early summer.

Possible firendlies involving Men's U-17 or U-20 teams in summer or fall, but no qualification matches for them until after New Year, 2005. However, I expect more and more of these willl be handled on the West Coast given the CSA operations move there.

I can't see any Senior Men's WCQ's being held there, unless Guatemala remains out and Aruba or Surniame makes it to the Aug-Nov semi-final round, as post-Kingston-in-June matches would likely be held in Edmonton or Vancouver because of the demand for tickets. Same with the hex in 2005, unless a small island team makes it through in USA's or Mexico's semi-final rounds.

Hope you get something, great history of matches there!

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I think 'no' might have been sufficient but you might want to explain this comment: "Hope you get something, great history of matches there!".

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quote:Originally posted by Ed

I think 'no' might have been sufficient but you might want to explain this comment: "Hope you get something, great history of matches there!".

Yeah, "no" might of, Ed, but, this is a discussion forum, even if it results in a bit of verbal diarrhoea [:I]. Had somebody said "no" a year ago to the same question though, they would be guilty of the

same gruff myopism that sometimes prevails here, and would have been

ultimately wrong. A year ago we knew that there would be a couple of preliminary rounds for Olympic qualifying, and there were rumours as early as then that one might be in Saint John. Of course, dealing with the CSA, we have no idea what they are doing, and often we have to speculate to plan (witness the Kingston-in-June speculation a month before it was officially announced). I recall various posts as late as mid-summer asking where the match against the US Virgin Islands was going to be held, because the date was announed and the retun match site was announced, but not the site in Canada. I don't think there ever was a formal announcement from the CSA as to the site being chosen (a cursory search of the CSA site archives confirms this), and the first we heard officially was the CONCACAF announcement concerning all preliminary rounds on July 29. However, there was specualtion going back and forth about Saint John being the site months before, even though it was announced (by a foreign source, typically) only 5 or 6 weeks before.

I have never lived in New Brunswick, but I recall (without doing research on the issue) a number of important soccer matches in Saint John (and yes, i have to be careful not to confuse it with St. John's). Apart from the game in September, there was the U-17 Worlds in the late 80's, which had Saint John as one of the venues (this was the first significant international football tourney in Canada (except for the 1996 Olympics). I think St. John hosted a woman's friendly in the not too distant past as well. I also recall seeing the Men's national team playing in a televised game from Saint John 10 to 20 years ago, but I don't have the details. I am not aware of a site that lists the locations of all home matches for Canadian teams, so it's difficult to check.

Perhaps someone can enlighten us on the details of Saint John, New Brunswick, soccer history, because I know it has a lot.

Speculation and rumour are some of the things that make this forum interesting. For instance, whem the CONCACAF WCQ format was released last February, there was much speculation as to whether and how it would be changed. People like myself speculated that there would be more preliminary rounds added, and sure enough there were, at the "eleventh hour". People, like Krammerhead or others, who like to say "your full of sh=t" to pontificate when such speculation or rumour is discussed, but they miss the point. Constipated fusspots have a more natural p*sspot on the old forum, which would not be worth checking if it weren't for the interesting articles forwarded by Winnipeg Fury.

I, for one, welcome a little rain on mine or anybody's parade, so go ahead....

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The official National Teams schedule is at


However, that is always out of date (it doesn't list, for instance, the Senior Women's friendly with the USA set for June 30 in Edmonton).

As I indicated in another thread about a month ago, the best chance for an Atlantic match would be

1. A friendly in the fall if the U19 Women qualify (in Ottawa/Montreal in early June) for Thailand in November,

2. or, Men's U17 or U20 qualifying in Spring of 2005.

Good luck, and keep posted.

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I was a ball boy for the 1987 Fifa under 16 Worlds in Saint John. I was also a ball boy for an olympic qualifer around the same time in SJ. We beat the US in that game, but the boys lost the second leg and were knocked out.

There were great crowds for all these games, and I would love to see a real national team game come back to SJ. (No more US Virgin Islands)

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Thank you.

eastcoaster- are you in Saint John ?

I was born there, but I now live in Halifax, but

a line that describes that Saint John is my hometown is-


There's no pro soccer in Saint John, but, for Hockey- Go Thundercats Go,

also, when they are playing in Halifax, I watch the UNB-SJ soccer games.

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