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CPSL award winners


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Phil Ionadi of the Brampton Hitmen, received the most Most Valuable Player Award

Simon Eaddy of the Ottawa Wizards was voted the league’s best goalkeeper

McDonald Yobe of the Ottawa Wizards was judged Rookie of the Year

Carlo Arghittu of St. Catharines Wolves received the leading goalscorer award

Domagoj Sain of Toronto Croatia had another outstanding season to pick-up the Defender of the Year award.

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Details of the CPSL Awards ceremony held during the banquet on Sunday October 5th, 2003 at the German-Canadian Club at Cove Road Field in London.

This is the 6th Anniversary of the Annual Awards Banquet.

League President Vince Ursini introduced guest and sponsers and CPSL officials.

With so many awards to be given out, the presentations started during the salad course.

Walter Kirchner awards referee of the year to "players" referee and the first two time winner Michael Lambert from Niagara. He was today's referee in the Rogers Playoff Cup final and beats the jinx of the last two finals where the referee was injured and had to be substituted.

Tony Comacho presents Coach of The Year to Jose Testas from Toronto Supra. The Supra improved from a seventh position finish and 4 win, 11 loss, 4 tie record in 19 games in 2002 to this year's 10 win, 2 loss, 6 tie in 18 games.

Colin Linford president of the Ontario Soccer Association presents trophies to the Western Conference Champions Hamilton Thunder.

Michael Craw from sponser Locus Sports presents trophies to the Western Conference Runners-Up Brampton Hitmen.

Now we can enjoy the main course uninterrupted.

Vince Ursini presented trophies to the Eastern Conference Runners-Up Toronto Supra.

Julian Carr from sponser Gatorade presents the Top Goalscorer to Carlo Arghittu of St Catharines Roma Wolves for his league leading 18 goals.

Michael Craw from sponser Locus Sports presents trophy to the CPSL Open Cup Championships London City.

Vince Ursini presents a Special Award to Stan Adamson who gives an acceptance speech thanking the CPSL as a Canadian League doing the best for Canada.

Metro Lions were presented with the award for CPSL Open Cup Runner-Up. Colin Linford gives an acceptance speech and says the country need the CPSL and the CPSL needs the OSA to work together in getting support from the CSA. There is no pro Men's league so how do we discover players. The womens have. We've got to increase the pro committee from just the A-League team members.

Dick Howard presents Defender of the Year to Domagoj Sain of the Toronto Croatia. Stan Adamson accepted the award for the absent players.

Dick Howard presents the League Most Valuable Player to Phil Ionadi of the Brampton Hitmen. Ionadi was still sporting a black eye from taking an elbow in the face from a playoff game on Wednesday night.

Dick Howard thanks the Ursini family for their work for the League.

Clifford Dell presents Rookie of the Year to McDonald Yobe of the Ottawa Wizards.

He also presents Goalie of the Year to Simon Eaddy of the Ottawa Wizards.

Vince Ursini gives a speech outlining that 2003 was not a year for expansion but for consolidation. The league moved ahead to action by getting the Canada Open Cup running. Most people are now aboard. Vaughan Sun Devils got a crowd of 1200 to 1300 fans for their opening game and he was so pleased not to find a parking sport and a lineup waiting to get in. He thanked Colin Linford for his words and thanks the owners for their commitment. Off season there'll be a house cleaning.

Stan Adamson presents the CPSL Rogers Cup Runners-Up to Vaughan Sun Devils.

Stan Adamson presents a special CPSL Official Volunteer Presidents Award to Harry Gauss of London City.

The last trophy is for today's winner of the CPSL Rogers Up the Brampton Hitmen. General manager Ruben Toro dedicates the win to the late Ricardo Jawa, a former player who died this summer.

The media and myself were thanked for their support but who could hear that as people were charging for the door for the drive home. I stayed around for dessert!

I thought the presentations went very well. There'd be two teams who'd boycott this banquet but their players weren't ignored. Domagoj Sain won as Best Defender for Toronto Croatia and McDonald Yobe and Simon Eaddy both of Ottawa Wizards won individual awards but it was arranged that accepting the awards wouldn't be any delay. The only award not presented was the trophy for Eastern Conference Champions for the Wizards.

Rocket Robin


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