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Has it been decided yet how many teams will qualify for the next World Cup? I remember some discussion of that on TV about a month ago but never heard a final answer! Did they figure out that 16 is not divisible by 9 or are they still crunching the numbers?

What about which region plays what other region in the playoffs to determine the last 2 spots?? Has that been decided?

Andrew, New York City

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FIFA mercifully decided to stay with 32 at the end of June, the same time they decided to take back the automatic spot they gave Oceania in the winter (giving South America their extra 1/2 spot again).

The question of how the four half spots (4th CONCACAF, 5th Asia, 1st Oceania and 5th South America) will playoff has not been decided yet.

The unwritten assumption is that the status quo of Oceania playing South America, and Asia playing CONCACAF, in home-and-aways in November of 2005, remains. However, there is talk and proposals for the following options:

1. A draw to see which country meets which in the home-and-aways.

2. Matching Asia with Oceania, and South America with CONCANAF, both to keep it regional and to appease Oceania.

3. Have a round robin with all four teams at a neutral location, with the top two teams qualified (this is a proposal Oceania has made to FIFA).

No comment from beachesl (aka , "The Peanut Gallery") here :), the battles have all raged on and burnt out.

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