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His loan at Inter was for only 6 months, and Roma did not want to re-sign him. There was talk of him wanting to play in England, but he ended up signing with Al-Arabi in Doha, Qatar. Germany's Stefan Effenberg also signed for Al-Arabi.

There's lots of money flowing in Qatar. Mario Basler, Romario and Frank Leboeuf have all moved there as well.

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Yes. Qatar is the WCW of football (I can't believe I made a wrestling comparison. My apologies. It will never happen again).

Mimglow, Ottawa


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Boca Juniors actually wanted him back, but Batigol decided he likes the money in the game more than anything else! Guess we'll never see him play again ...

quote:Originally posted by massimo

Does anyone have info on where Batistuta ending up, I know he ended his season with Inter, but where is he now?


Andrew, New York City

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