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O/T - So you think you could do a better job....

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Than the folks at Fox Sports World Report. Here's your chance to prove it. Posted for the benefit of those would-be journos prettier than I.....


TV Sports Anchor - International Sports REF#: 3666a

Global News Winnipeg

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Posted: July 22, 2003

Deadline: August 6, 2003

Salary: Negotiable


Global Sports is seeking an Anchor/Reporter to be assigned primarily to the Fox Sports World Report, a seven-day a week international sports program aired in Canada on the Fox Sports World Canada specialty channel and in the United States on the Fox Sports World network.

The primary responsibility will be to co-anchor and prepare the items for an hour-long sports news program focused on international sports, material for which is provided by satellite feeds.

This anchor/reporter is part of the Global Sports team and may also participate in the productions of Global Sports Winnipeg which provides sports coverage in the supper hour and weekend newscasts, and especially for the Monday-Friday half-hour live sports program Global Sports at 11 p.m.


The following is a paraphrase of the primary functions and qualifications and does not outline all of the duties and responsibilities for this position: Present international sports stories with a high degree of competence and clarity. Extensive knowledge of professional sports, with particular emphasis on internationally popular sports like soccer, rugby and cricket. Strong on-air presentation, including live remotes and unscripted material Effective writing skills for stories, highlight packages. Ability to edit Betacam professionally and proven ability to meet edit and on-air deadlines. Videographer skills are an asset. Co-operative teamwork skills. Represent Global in the community and participate in promotion campaigns. Exemplary work ethic and punctuality.

Applicants should send a demo reel, resume and letter of interest.

Joe Pascucci, Sports Director

Global Sports Winnipeg

603 St. Mary’s Road

Winnipeg , MB

I HATE the fact I had to sign up for this forum. HATE. HATE. HATE.

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