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Happy Canada Day 2003


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Good tradition. Well worth keeping.

Born in Canada

Live in Canada

Die in Canada

Stole that off an England shirt I had back in '86 for the WC. It said everything as far as I was concearned, so there you have it. I must have done something right in a past life because of an accident of birth I was brought into this country but I still count myself a citizen by choice even if I've not had to earn it.

God willing, I never well have to.

P.S. I still call it Dominion Day in my house (although the Cheeta cub dose not) and Pearson's Cloth and the Red Ensign both hang in my house out of respect for the great many adventurious lads who've served beneith either banner for the honor of us all.

P.S.S. Have a barbeque. Go to a parade or the street festival. See the fireworks. But smile a little with your neighbours. Five billion people live on this planet on less than $2 a day so be gratefull for this miracle which is our sometimes troubled nation. There's always tomorrow to get back to argueing about gun registrys, and provincial juristictions, and how high taxes are. Lecture over.

"Minority of one"

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I don't really go for the Hallmark holidays or the religious ones - so I've always considered Canada Day and Earth Day to be the two big ones worth celebrating.

Happy Canada Day all. We were out half of last night celebrating and plan to do so all of today. Gordon, I'm in Sassytown, so maybe I'll see you at the fireworks (yeah I doubt it too).

Cheetah> I love the shirt.

136 years strong and free. I didn't choose to live here, but I choose to try to make it the only place I would ever want to live.



The secret of life is to find moments of levity and grace in what is, ultimately, a tragedy. Watching Canadian soccer is good practice for this.

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