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FA Cup


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And no surprises.

Gunners-1 Saints-nil

Pires nets in the first half and excepting the odd spell from Southhampden here and there an alltogether untidy affair by the sounds of it with. Arsenal were content enough with their superiority to trouble themselfs with seriously attacking only ever so infrequently. Beattie didn't really impress too much on the match though he earned a caution and did his best to draw the score at the very end there.

Question remains though if David S. well still patrol the Gunners crease next season or go onto a coaching assignment. Everyone of course seems to be saying all the nicest things about ol' David which lively means they think it's time he quite.

Minority of one

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Did anyone else who saw the match think that Cole handled that desparation chance on the line? Arsenal owned the last 10 minutes, but I think the Saints deserved a final PK at the death.

Not a bad match really. I hadn't seen an FA Cup final in three or four years and I missed it. Rather enjoyed this one, though it wasn't much of a thriller.



The secret of life is to find moments of levity and grace in what is, ultimately, a tragedy. Watching Canadian soccer is good practice for this.

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