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  • Heading into her third season of play in United Women’s Soccer (UWS), 21-year-old Emily Burns is as excited to start the season as she’s ever been.

    Fresh off her experience with Calgary Foothills WFC’s run to the semifinals of the 2018 UWS National Playoffs, the goalkeeper is ready to backstop her team to the championship.

    “I definitely want to see us come out of our conference and make it to the final four championships again like last year,” Burns said. “I want to see us get a better result than we did last year because we came up a bit short when we had such a great season and it kind of ended bitterly. I’d like to see us go all the way and try to win it this year.”

    Coming off her fourth year as the goalkeeper of the MacEwan University Griffins, where she was named a second-team Canada West all-star, Burns looks set to help bring Foothills WFC to success and this year she has the starting position all to herself.

    Despite being named the 2017 UWS West Conference Goalkeeper of the Year and earning a clean sheet while making four saves in Foothills’ first game of 2018, when Canadian national team goalkeeper and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Stephanie Labbe joined the team, Burns’ workload for the season was cut down.

    “I played in the first game last year against Salt Lake and [Labbe] ended up coming after that,” Burns said.

    Labbe was infamously banned from playing in PDL action with Calgary Foothills FC in 2018, so she joined Foothills’ women’s team instead.


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    • One thing to note is that their main man Vlijter who has been insane for them (11 goals in 8 games) has otherwise been really underwhelming at club level in Israel. I'd say he's coming in out of form but he hasn't been good all season with Beitar Jerusalem and was still scoring for Suriname. Granted the level of competition facing us will be much higher.
    • He can get out of tough situations. Kamron seems to have a similar ability. I guess Cav's a good mentor to have.
    • Language will not be a problem.  English is widely spoken in Philippines.
    • Disagree. Other than Abila getting between him and Vasilonavic(sp), who were both at fault, he had a great game. He also played that cutting pass as well that shot Cav through on goal. 
    • I have a worry that the SA guys we may not see until next year.
    • In a society governed by rationality we'd look at the USA returning to "normal", then we'd look at ourselves and give our collective heads a shake in a sort of Taylor Twellman styled "WHAT ARE WE DOING" fashion. However, any society that deems it worthwhile to walk to your restaurant table in a mask, sit down at your table without your mask, then put your mask back on to go to the bathroom, while walking past tables of unmasked patrons, yeah that's a society that's not governed by rationality. We take the effort to mask up to go on a plane, then we undo whatever safety that provides by unmasking to eat or drink. It's not a rational way to go about things. So can I imagine any region in Canada remaining in any sort of lock down once the majority of the USA returns to "normal"? Let's just say it wouldn't surprise me. Sure half of the USA has already moved past lockdowns and stern measures for the most part, while the other half is taking a far more measured approach, but they are opening. They are slowly moving out of it while we seem to be at a standstill at best.  Turn on any American MLS game and you see fans in the stands to varying degrees, meanwhile our teams play outside of Canada with no fans, even though the USA (as far as I know) is not in any different of a situation when it comes to case totals or covid deaths. The people who aren't questioning the rationality of this (or lack thereof) probably haven't hit the "Battle Fatigue" wall. 
    • I'm just curious... has anyone seen a situation like this before? There's another Portugueese media outlet saying Eustaquio (and his teammate Costa) to Porto is confirmed for the summer, and we've seen a ton of these through the year. But on the other hand, you've got the club chairman and Mauro himself saying no discussions have taken place whatsoever. I get they have an interest in raising his price, but I don't understand how their stories could be so far apart with no comments from anyone.
    • Ralph is well above the rest of the young TFC players. I dont think he will be in MLS for more than a year or two.  Shaffleburg is too one dimensional, hes very fast and thats about it. He cant dribble or cut in and use his right foot. Theres a reason he has 0 career goals.  Nelson isnt ready for MLS, he needs a loan.  JMR needs to play and I have liked what I have seen from him in his limited time. He is already better than Nelson and Shaff imo. I would like to see him spot start and play 20-30 as a sub.  Okello looks like a guy who doesnt know what his best position is. Hopefully the coaching staff figures that out soon and he could be a beast. 
    • Matthew Baldisimo has been called up to the Philippines.
    • A question about non-sports content on sports tv channels. I know of a few cases where the channel of a club does not only have sports content. I am thinking specifically of Real Madrid TV, which also puts movies on, and sometimes not bad ones. I am not talking, then, of fringe sports or pseudo-sports, or of fluff supposedly of interest to sports fans. Or of the kind of movie sports fans would watch, basically a thousand iterations of Tango and Cash But of simply taking your channel and offering content that is not related to sports.  I think it works for them, it might get them viewers, and draw in those who might never watch their channel.  So what would it mean for OneSoccer, owned by a company producing fictional and documentary films as well as series? Would that bolster their product? I'd appreciate observations on this sort of strategy.
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