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    JdG to lead OFFC

    Duane Rollins

    Julian de Guzman is getting a head coaching position a little earlier than most people would have thought. Also, earlier than the Ottawa Fury probably wanted, as it comes with the announcement today that Paul Dalglish has resigned from the position, effectively immediately. He had informed the club of his intention to leave the Fury at the end of 2017, but both sides agreed that it was best to leave immediately.

    Dalglish had a 14W-16D-22L record in his season and a half in charge of the Fury. His was never a comfortable fit, taking charge after the hugely popular and successful Marc dos Santos. Making things even more difficult was that the Fury dumped a great deal of salary just before Dalglish took over, effectively stripping a Championship team to its bare bones.

    Still, Fury fans never warmed to Dalglish. Stylistically, he preferred a direct brand of the game, trying to utilize longer balls directed towards tall target men. The tactics were considered boring by many Fury fans, and statistically provided mediocre results. The Fury scored just 59 goals in the 52 games Dalglish was in charge.

    For his part Dalglish had positive words on his exit:

    "I will always be grateful to OSEG, the Fury, my staff and players for the experience my family and I have enjoyed here in Ottawa," said Dalglish. "I also want to thank the fans for their continued support of this great club. I wish nothing but the best for Fury FC and hope fans get to enjoy playoff soccer in Ottawa this fall," he said.

    It’s been speculated by many that he will take the head coaching position at the new Austin club, which will begin USL play in 2018. Dalglish played professionally in Texas and maintains roots in the region.

    It’s a quick turnaround from player to coach for de Guzman, who retired just last year. In fact, he played a testimonial with the Fury last month. However, he’s been working on his coaching qualifications over the past couple years and has experience working with younger players at the national team level. During the last few years of his career, de Guzman effectively was a player-coach and was widely seen as having a future patrolling the sidelines.

    Julian has proven that he will be a strong coach in this game," said Fury President John Pugh. "He has the attention and respect of the players and he has our full support."

    De Guman will make his managerial debut Aug 16 against Orlando B.

    Edited by Duane Rollins

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    • It would be amazing to see him given a chance to secure a spot at CA.  There is no way an injury like that wouldn't make teams a bit gun-shy about his current physical condition, so a move would almost definitely entail a bit of a step down to reassert himself.  If he could do that at CA, it would seem to be the best outcome for all involved.
    • https://www.clippituser.tv/c/genmea Clip of the Davies backpass, I see no lip movement from Borjan. That doesn't prove anything necessarily but still I wager this was nearly 100% on Davies. Ignore my earlier Borjan hot take
    • Cruz Azul Instagram posted this, maybe the rumour of them having a change of heart due to his play vs The US is accurate?
    • There was one play where he anticipated a pass and stepped up to win the ball, showing that combativeness you are talking about. I also liked his off the ball movement in our third of the field. The little pockets he was finding was impressive and the stuff you would expect from a Liga MX player / former Portugal U-21 player.
    • He's a tough player too.  He's no Piette "pitbull" but he's not afraid to slide or make contact.  His skill, passing & vision is much higher though. There is a reason why this time last year he was playing midfield alongside players such as Joao Felix, Rafael Leao, Diogo Jota, Gedson & Ruben Dias.  Those 5 players market value range are currently 23, 25 , 37, 40 & 114 million each.  Those were just the big names I could come off the top of my head from that squad.  Players like Joao Carvalho & Ruben Vinagre are likely valued above 10 million as well. In case anyone was wondering, according to TransferMarkt both Davies & David are worth just over 17 million.  So just goes to show you the level he has been playing with for Portugal.  
    • Eustaquio looks to be our most technical player in midfield.  My friend and I were both very impressed any time he was on the ball and that one little chipped pass he made to the side of their box late on was class.  It's very encouraging to see a player playing his first truly competitive minutes in almost a year and coming out with that confidence.  He wanted to make things happen (and I'm confident he will).  I'd agree that he needs to start moving forward.  As for the calls for him to go to MLS... no let's not do that.  He's 22 and can continue to improve at a higher level.
    • I appreciate where you are coming from. Perhaps somewhere between "deserved" and "you must play the hand you were dealt" is most fair. True we were dealt a ****** hand compared to El Salvador, because we had no central American Championship to collect points, but everything else was in our control, especially the lack of friendlies. If I recall correctly, El Salvador had some good friendly results over the last 24 months. Meanwhile, we chose not to play in that time and perhaps that decsion was informed by the concacaf points, but we don't know that. I can just as easily point to the lack of friendlies over the past 3 or 4 cycles and argue this is nothing new with Canada. If you don't play you don't earn points, it's as simple as that.  In my view, the CSA reep what they sow. For a long, long time they did not play enough friendlies, for whatever reason, and now they must play friendlies to dig themselves out of the hole they are in, which is in part due to not having played enough friendlies in the first place. Is that not poetic justice? At the very least, it is ironic.  
    • I'm also a bit concerned with the players motivation. Herdman better be the master motivator because asking Alphonso Davies to go from Chapions League 70k people in the stands to playing Montserrat in front of 70 people is gonna start to become a tough sell
    • Jamaica and El Salvador have both earned promotion to League A for the next cycle. Tonight we'll find out if Saint Vincent or Suriname becomes the 4th team to promote to League A. Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, and Haiti are all getting relegated down to League B. Tomorrow Bermuda will likely join them, but if they can muster up a tie against Mexico it will actually be Panama that get relegated to League B! Confirmed in League A next tournament USA Canada Mexico Honduras Martinique Costa Rica Curacao Grenada El Salvador Jamaica Can still be promoted to League A Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Suriname Can still retain League A spot Panama Bermuda
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