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  1. Not sure where else to put this. But Araujo just got his second yellow against ES, and will miss the game against Canada.
  2. Oh I do recall. It was right around the time this guy was arguing for us to play with a back three to compensate for the fact that we had no proper RB's, but plenty of RW's in the program. And look at us now!!! Plenty of RB, but we are using Wingbacks anyway! Lol.
  3. Good to see him getting into some games again after spending a fair bit of time riding the pine. Also helps him that they won both those games. At 27 he is well past prospect age. But it has to be cool to work with Phil Neville, who had a rather distinguished playing career, just the same.
  4. Wow. The level ain't the highest. But based on this, I think he would fit in pretty good with the rest of the crew. Probably not the fastest, maybe somewhere between Hoilett and Laryea speed. But he doesn't get muscled off the ball easily, or go down soft (not that the other two do). And seems almost unusually unselfish for a forward, picking out teammates rather than trying to force something that isn't there for personal glory. Call him up. I mean, he has clearly worn the jersey already.
  5. Well. Looks strong, and tactically astute. Shades of a young Hoilett, though Hoilett was faster at the same age + playing at a higher level. Could be the future heir of Junior. Though I say this without having seen any of his goals, or whether he can hit them from range like Junior can. I think Herdman knows who he wants from here on until spring, and I don't think Ennin is anywhere near that roster. But I like what I see, so who knows going forward. Maybe he can take Akinola's spot.
  6. Heading. No one talks about his heading of the ball it seems. From his first game for CMNT having never watched him before, it was his heading of the ball that stood out for me. Not in attack. Not in defense. But in the press. Winning those headers off of a clearing attempt is something that most midfielders never even bother with properly. But he does. Running to the ball. Running back to the ball. It's ridiculous. So many attacks die at that point. But less so when he is on the field. It is a rare. But valuable gift to have a smaller, more mobile midfielder who is so dominant in the air, like S. E. But perhaps I am the only one seeing that.
  7. Agreed. It was what we were missing the last two games. I am hopeful that Herdman learned his lesson for good.
  8. Totally. Though greedily I wanted more, especially at the end. Still don't think a 2 man midfield is the way to go though. Look how far up Kennedy was for their goal. Would not happen with a three man mid. Now we just need a win in El Salvador.
  9. No i did not. I just think a point back three man mid in a 3-5-2. AKA 3-1-3-2, OR 3-3-2-2, depending on how you look at it. Kaye Eustaquio Hutch As to your second point. That was 2008 vintage Arsene Wenger for sure. Lol.
  10. I agree that the ref was terrible. He stank of CONCACAF of years past. Was so slow to get his whistle when we were fouled. But so fast when Canada was the potential culprit. But I disagree that it cost us the game. Playing a 4-4-2 with a two man mid cost us the game, and possibly the next one.
  11. Not sure if this has been covered. But I think Herdman got his tactics wrong last night. And we can pin our failure on that. Because it was a failure. Make no mistake. Hutch just does not have the legs to play in a two man midfield. Not anymore. Replace Laryea with Kaye, and go to a 3-5-2, and I think we see a different result. Honduras was able to defend effectively because we could just not switch play without going all the way back to the D. Eustaquio was forced to cover too much ground, and too often we were getting pinned along the flank, only to go backward when nothing concrete presented itself, or went in for crosses that H was clearly expecting and prepared for. We created very few quality chances, and struggled to move the ball in a meaningful consistent way. Worst part is, I am concerned we burnt ourselves out with such high-tempo, wasteful football. I hope for Herdman's sake, he starts to get it right.
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