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  1. I also would like him to get another call-up. But in all honesty. With so many young, quick players coming up, not sure where he fits in. Even Larin looks out of place, when we can play a front three of say, David, Davies, Tabla, Hoilett, or even Ricketts, Tesho or Cavallini. Haber is best as a second striker/target man. Strong, in the air and on the ball. Good touch/dribbling, better vision than he gets credit for. Unfortunately... football began moving away from the 4-4-2 and it's derivatives right around the time he started his career. I don't expect him to bang in the goals. Never have. But he's got moves, at least he used to. And I hope to see some of them on display this season... against every team except VFC.
  2. Happy for him. Haber's biggest strike against him has always been his passport, plain and simple. If he was Scottish or English, he would have had a completely different career. Just consider some of the hot garbage playing in the higher tiers of the UK. But they are local, so they get the opportunities. Being Canadian, unless he was banging in double figures every season, it was always going to be hard. Which is the whole point of the CPL, to get our boys playing anyway.
  3. Oooh,... gonna vote Winnipeg hosting. Central location, not great for flying, but... After all... there were only those two Presidents at that CSA AGM. Come, its Winnipeg and Hamilton we are talking about, two of the most demeaned and derided cities in Canada, let us have this!
  4. Fair points. I'm not sure that I would take anyone out for him. The one thing he has going, however, is that he is a bit more offensive in his skill set than any of our other midfielders. However, depending on the style Herdman wants to play, that might be a liability, rather than an asset, especially if one is trying to operate a "next man up" type system. I don't think we should read too much into the fact that he hasn't gotten a call-up yet. NCFC is having a strong season. I don't think we'd see him get a call up until Camp Poutine time, if at all.
  5. Well... how do you feel about the Edgar and Crepeau call ups? Or Petrasso last year? They are also USL level. Cause if we're calling up USL level defenders and keepers, then... well why not a USL level #10 with 7 goals and 12 assists this season in the same league?
  6. I get the impression that the physical testing is also used to sort the wheat from the chaf, a la Gridiron combines. I figure that it is for that reason that only the second day of tryouts in Winnipeg are open to the public. There will already be some cuts from the first day, but maybe people who have attended some of these tryouts already can correct me on that.
  7. Normally I would argue that USL level doesn't warrant a re-call except for younger players. But 7 goals and 12 assists in 31 games are pretty good stats regardless. And we still don't have anyone that is capable of creating goals from midfield in the manner he has shown he is capable of. If he can do it in USL I am sure he could do it against CONCACAF minnows. Would love to see him spraying passes to Tabla and Phonzie on the wings.
  8. Best start he's had with a new team in quite some time.
  9. Transfermarkt lists his nationality as Peruvian. Born in Lima. Was with Crystal Lima U-19, I assume up until recently. Has some Spanish language media stuff about his time with the team and the Peruvian youth team set-up. Interesting case.
  10. The story of the man known as "Blackhawk" is itself worth looking into. He was quite the leader.
  11. Yeah. I saw that too. He looked a step behind at earlier points in the game too. Though granted, I wasn't paying super close attention.
  12. I can only imagine the expression on Pirlo's face when he saw that pitch for the first time.
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