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  1. Given the volume of games in such a short period of time, if we want to not see a drop in quality in any of the games, then we need to bring all the quality we can, specially for wide players, as neither of our wingers will be able to play all 90 for every single game.
  2. Well, given his form with 2 weeks till the next round of qualifiers, he's pretty much in the squad now. Also, Larin appears to be dealing with nagging injuries and is questionable for the next window, so although not a like for like replacement, there's def room for Liam.
  3. I'm just happy for Sam, it's nice to see him doing well in a good league, with what seems to be a good team so far. Having a LB playing at high level also allows Herdman more freedom to play Phonzie higher up the field more often, and it helps that he and Sam seem to be really good friends off the pitch.
  4. ah.. was waiting to see how long it would take before someone made this comment.... 🙃
  5. no one's disregarding them, but facing them at home while they have yet to find their groove is currently an advantage that other teams might not have as qualifying progresses. If there's a time to try to catch them off balance and take 3 home points from them, its now. Panama did it, there's no reason why we can't either.
  6. Too many people focusing on the names... it doesn't mean anything if they don't know how to play in CONCACAF.. look at Suriname. Jamaica is following the same trend, not enough camps together to truly build any sort of team chemistry, a bunch of individuals won't get them far in CONCACAF... Panama and Canada arguably benefitted the most from having to play the qualifiers to the octagonal, and to a degree El Salvador (they are a limited team, but they are clearly better now, and look better drilled, than they were 2 years ago)
  7. Sorry, but 1 point against Jamaica would be underachieving. Currently they are the team for everyone to beat, home or away.
  8. screw that, I genuinely think we are good enough to get at least a point from Mexico, and we should beat Jamaica. 7 points should be the expectation.
  9. nah, you just made a real dumbass comment on a public forum and instead of acknowledging it decide to double down on it. Welcome to the internet.
  10. This is gold, strongly recommend ya'll check it out:
  11. David still has the higher ceiling, but at times I feel he is a bit too passive. There's something about the way Larin plays now, with a determination and directness that he did not have before, and oh boy, is it paying off for us. Always rooted for Larin, and have been standing up for him since the day he skied that open netter against El Salvador, so I'm really glad to see him become the striker we all had hoped for him to become, a complete predator inside the box.
  12. I hate this, but I'm realllly rooting for the Yanks against Honduras... it would really ruin their opening round of games if they lost all points at home (despite getting 2 away points)
  13. CyLe LariN neVeR ScoREs AgaiNsT StronG OpPoneNTs
  14. Crepeau is good, but he doesn't command the box quite like Borjan does, and we really need more of that character going forward.
  15. I came here for the ridiculous takes... unfortunately ya'll don't disappoint.
  16. Golazo... ice in his veins... damn
  17. folk here really need to chill about Arfield, and stop speculating nonsense. Herdman did the right thing by only calling the guys who got us to this point, but clearly is still leaving the door open for Arfield to prove his commitment (he will likely be called up for the next series of away games to show if he's serious). Thankfully Herdman is pragmatic, has an exceptionally high emotional IQ, is not reactive, and knows not to burn bridges with his players (as many here seemingly would), because its going to be a looong campaign and we'll need all the quality we can get.
  18. I hope Herdman is still trying, but you're right, personally I don't really for either anymore.
  19. Davies was also an 18 year old prodigy, and while Tajon is a REALLY good player, Davies is in a league of his own; among the elite of the elite for his age group. However, I wouldn't even mind seeing Tajon on a good Championship side fighting for promotion, but I'm still convinced the best fit for him would be a mid table Bundesliga team.
  20. Being a good shot stopper is like a minimum requirement for a good goalkeeper though, and now it's expected for the top ones to also be good with the ball at their feet. Ultimately, goalkeepers still need to be football players.
  21. I never rated Pantemis, good shot stopper, but a lot of his deficiencies showed during Olympic qualifiers.
  22. Good move for him, Hoilett is one of our key players, and it's a huge relief to see him with a club at a good level as we start World Cup Qualifying
  23. I share the sentiment with others... no thanks to Belgium for Tajon... he needs to be in a top 5 league now, he's ready. Maybe not the EPL, but Bundesliga or Ligue 1 is where he needs to be.
  24. Tajon is our Clint Dempsey... he seems to play with a chip on his shoulder, and I'm ready for all of it. Love it. That tenacity is why I know he'll make it in Europe, wherever he may go.
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