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  1. No email for me either, checked Spam folder.
  2. Jakovic has to step up earlier there.
  3. A win's a win! Good to see some young guys score too.
  4. I think 0-0 or even a 1-0 loss would have been a better result, we need to focus on our defensive identity. /s
  5. So how many of you guys think we can get a result in Honduras with that lineup?
  6. We are ranked 104th in the world. We've gone two straight Gold Cups finishing dead last without scoring a single goal. Unlike many posters on this board I am realistic about our place in international football. I welcome any and all players willing to suit up for our national team, I don't care how many other teams they have to get rejected by before they agree to play for Canada. I am a supporter. You want to play for Canada, I support you. No conditions. No mixed feelings. Allez les Rouges.
  7. Benny's is number one for a reason. Where else can you find flat screen TVs, Tupperware containers, and construction steel all in one location? In fact I'm going to run there right now.
  8. He got called into the US January camp. Oh well.
  9. He also mentioned that the CSA has been in contact with him. And Squizz tweeted that he's "in the plans" for the September friendly. But he did say that he's focusing on his club right now. And when asked point blank if his loyalty was definitely to Canada he said he didn't know at this point. So basically let's hope this isn't another Bunbury and we can cap tie him before he draws interest from the US.
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