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Can the 2026 FIFA World Cup help further grow the game in Canada?

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Considering what USA 94 did for the Americans when they hosted the 1994 World Cup, it helped grow the game of football not just in their country but it elevated it to the point of the MLS taking off as a league. It basically catapulted more and more American players to not only want to play the game of football but to play for their national team. Basically it propelled USA into being a CONCACAF juggernaut. Fast forward almost 30 years later to today, present day, here in Canada we have a golden opportunity by hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Yeah sure we are one of the host nations along with USA and Mexico but I have to wonder if with us co hosting, if it will help further grow the game of football here in Canada? I ask this as a Canadian who was not only born here but raised here as well.


I mean currently Canada is in a "golden age" as far as a golden generation of players coming in or who are already within the national team. So that being said, since the Canadian Premier League is in existence, does the 2026 FIFA World Cup help the CanPL evolve as a league?


For me, personally, yes the 2026 FIFA World Cup could help further grow the game also in the sense of the Canadian government wanting to pour more money into our national team programs at all levels. By doing that not only does it instill confidence within all those young people out there as far as wanting to play the game but it instills further belief within the program going forward because soccer would become as big a sport as hockey and basketball here in Canada if not bigger.

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