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Futsal in Saskatchewan


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"The game is picking up momentum in our own city. A group has created a non-profit organization, Saskatoon Futsal League. Their first season came to an end with FC Ukraine finishing on top, winning the league playoff championship.  Six men’s teams participated the first season with Ukraine’s Vasyl Barannik winning the scoring title with 53 goals. 

SFL president Jamie Meza brings lots of experience from his Toronto Boca Juniors and United days.  Originally from Colombia, Meza heads a team effort made up of Thiago Prado, Jerson Barandica and Abumere Okonoufa.

Next year, Saskatoon hopes to send a side to the Canadian championship.  With Meza’s connections, they’re already getting invites to big events. The league is playing it cool and wants to ensure they send a competitive side before rushing into things."


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