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Western Canada u15 camp roster announced


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Two other camps to follow, in Central and Eastern Canada (I'll believe it when I see it - a camp where Maritime players actually get invited) I'm sure they mean Ontario as Central and Quebec with one Maritimer invited as "East"

Ante Jazic is in charge of the camp

GK- Carl Vanderkraats | CAN / Thompson Okanagan FC

GK- Mitch Whittla | CAN / Vancouver Island Wave

GK- Scott Hornbeck | CAN / Edmonton Juventus

GK- Dory Elliott | CAN / Edmonton Inter

D- Cooper Courvoisier | CAN / Coquitlam Metro Ford

D- Joshua Lamothe | CAN / Vancouver Island Wave

D- Liam Robinson | CAN / Fusion FC

D- Alexander Pomfrett | CAN / Calgary SW United

D- Andres Barrera | CAN / Calgary SW United

D- Sheldon Prasad | CAN / Edmonton Inter

D- Nathan Klapstein | CAN / Sherwood Park Phoenix

D- Mekonnen Cridland | CAN / Moose Jaw Storm, JJ Soccer

D- Joshua Munoz

M- Joel Harrison | CAN / Surrey United

M- Justin Libke | CAN / Mountain United

M- Tim Solinger | CAN / Coquitlam Metro Ford

M- Jarred Ferreira | CAN / Calgary SW United

M- Logan Williams | CAN / Edmonton SW United ‘98

M- Riju Roy | CAN / Edmonton Warriors

M- Zachary Edwards | CAN / Whitecaps FC Saskatchewan Academy

M- Leo Reka | CAN / Bonivital 1999

F- Sukhot Binning | CAN / Surrey United

F- Tre Spedding | CAN / Surrey United

F- Jarrett Manriques | CAN / Calgary Foothills

F- Tyrell Leslie | CAN / Edmonton Inter

F- Federico Pena |

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Woo Zach Edwards made it. Atta be son! I've watched this kid play youth before and he makes the others on the field in Saskatoon look like, well, 13yr olds. Only other player I've seen with his natural ability is Brett Levi, and he's getting looked at by the Caps senior team and is going to be playing for the Highlanders again in PDL I believe.

Anyway, this kid is good. Where he rates with the skill of these other kids from the larger areas like Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary, I'm not sure, but it's good to see he made the cut.

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