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Red Team Elimination Watch..... Redux


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With the retirement of Torsten Frings, will Toronto be weakened to such a point it will continue to be mired in the bottom of the league all season ?

Will the New Zealander be able to create an atmosphere where learning and week to week improvement of young players is the goal to building a core of players for the next seven years of the TFC franchise ?

Can the legacy of Paul Mariner be wiped out of the dressing room, to instead create a positive atmosphere for the players, if not for the fan base ?

Looming questions for TFC and the fan base, to be answered as the year progresses.

The league starts this weekend, will TFC notch a win to start with bang against the Whitecaps to encourage the fan base to travel to Montreal and set a MLS record for traveling support ?

Will Kurt Larsen sit with the fans at BMO to get real sense of the passion left ?

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Let's get one thing straight about the following prediction. I will NOT wear a dress if I'm wrong!!!

Seriously I think TFC will have an okay year. Call me crazy but they had such a crap-show mess that I'm surprised they have gotten as far as they have. The person in charge knows MLS and I'm thinking that he and the coach will pull in a bunch of journeymen from Europe and North America and play a disciplined, if somewhat boring, style that will get results. I don't think they will make the playoffs but they will not be the doormats everyone expects.

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