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CSL 2012--Week 3

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Result of the Friday May 18th, 2012 CSL game between Mississauga Eagles

and SC Toronto played at Hershey Fields in Mississauga at 8:00pm.

26 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...Whiteman chips 25 yard shot from

right over MEFC goalie Kofi Oppong at 5 yards and ball drops into top

left corner of net.

29 min...MEFC Joey Melo GOAL...MEFC Matthew Macri takes short cornerkick

from left to Melo who kicks 20 yarder from left into top right side

of goal over SCT goalie Scott Cliff in the center of net.

31 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...Whiteman takes ball away from fallen

defender at 28 yards on right and shoots low 15 yarder from right that

deflects off sprawling goalie and into left side of net.

36 min...MEFC Kofi Oppong RED card...SCT Ilya Orlov is flattened after

getting away a pass at MEFC 50 yards. SCT Jarek Whiteman charges to

ball as goalie charges out of box on right and swats ball away with hand

as Whiteman runs by him at 20 yards. Referee Jean Philipe Jalbert

ejects the goalie for handling the ball out of his box. The next play

was a SCT freekick near the edge of the box. MEFC forward David James

who was already on the field switched shirts then played as the

goalkeeper for the remainder of the game. MEFC did not have another

goalie on their seven subs bench.

*57 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...SCT Dane Roberts at 40 yards on left

taps pass forward to Whiteman running ahead and from 28 yards on left

takes shot over goalie David James at 8 yards and ball is into right

side of net.

67 min...SCT Carlos Nogueira GOAL...SCT Dane Roberts at center

line on right rolls pass to Nogueira who gets breakaway from 40 yards

down middle and he rolls 20 yard shot into right side of net beyond

sliding goalie at 6 yards.

Final Score:......Mississauga Eagles FC.........1....

...SC Toronto........4....

Attendance was about 100 on this cool evening with MEFC having the

setting sun at their backs in the first half.

This was a game of two front runners this early season both with

1-0-0 records and scoring five goals each in their first game.

The game changed at 36 minutes with MEFC picking up the RED card

and within five minutes of that MEFC captain and goal scorer

Joey Melo having to be subbed for an injury. After the game

he answered my question--he'd picked up the injury--a cleat scrape

down his leg before he scored the goal and played through the pain

until he collapsed in the center circle and Brandon Wellington

took his place.

MEFC had a few chances after that but their shooting was mostly

off target. Trying to press for the tieing goal left them short

at the back. Forward David James pressed into playing goalie

looked more comfortable charging out of the box to clear through

balls then staying back in net waiting for the play to come to him.

Best non-scoring chances were at 24 minutes when SCT Dane Roberts

took a 40 yard freekick from the left that got through players for

SCT Alon Badat on the right to get a low 15 yard shot that the

sprawling goalie saved at 5 yards. 74 minutes had MEFC Brandon

Wellington roll an 18 yard shot up the middle after receiving a pass

and the shot was just wide left of the post. 85 minutes had

MEFC Laudeline Jose DeSousa chip a 20 yard shot from the left

over the net after the SCT goalie and a defender made a clearance


MEFC wore black shirts (as opposed to last year wearing green).

SC Toronto wore black & yellow hoop shirts but with easy to

read black numbers and with black shorts and socks made them

look like bees. Great headlines (if the mainstream press ever

reported on these games) would be "SC Toronto buzz/swarms/stings

the Eagles".

The game was being filmed for Rogers Game of the Week and will

be shown in Toronto on Sunday night at 8:00pm after the

magazine show 'This Week in the CSL' makes its debut this

season at 7:30pm. Rogers can squeeze the game down to two hours

with a bit of editing because the 1st half had 5 minutes of

added time and the 2nd half had 4 minutes justified by injuries

and MEFC making four subs and SCT making five subs.

Rocket Robin


*correction on goal at 57 minutes.

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Hi Robin,

Did you happen to catch the Serbian White Eagles game? They have a good striker now named Zoran Rajovic who scored on his debut. Thanks for the articles!

I can't be two places at once. The games were going on at the same time. I'll see the White Eagles in two weeks.

Also note:--the league write up says Jarek Whiteman scored three goals. I expect they mean the 57 minute goal. I'll wait until the

rebroadcast to correct if it was #14 or #16 who scored the goal.

*Yep Whiteman scored that third goal at 57 minutes.

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Result of the Sunday May 20th, 2012 CSL game between Toronto Croatia

and Brampton City United played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke

at 8:00pm.

9 min...TC Marin Vucemilovic Grgic GOAL...Vucemilovic on 2 on 1 rush

down middle takes 15 yard shot from right that's into right corner

of net beyond goalie Jason Lopes.

84 min...BCU Andy Garcia GOAL...BCU Kevin McIntosh takes quick

freekick from 25 yards on left is chipped towards goal and Garcia

kicks in 5 yarder from left past goalie Panagiotis Koumoulas.

A member of the BCU staff on the bench was ejected from the game

after that play for some comments.

Final Score:.....Toronto Croatia.......1.........Brampton City


Attendance was about 125 on this hot evening with the sun setting

as the game began.

TC Marin Vucemilovic Grgic almost scored two minutes earlier than

he did while on an almost identical 2 on 1 rush but he blasted

a shot over the net with TC Bozenko Lesina expecting a tap over

pass. Lesina looked furious and who knows if the goalie was

expecting this time a pass instead of Grgic taking another shot


Toronto Croatia must take this result as a disappointment because

they had so many chances to increase their lead and they could

have put the game out of reach.

Best non-scoring chances were at 45 minutes just before halftime

when TC Tihomir Maletic leads 3 on 1 break from 45 yards and rolls

the ball to TC Boris Tomac who blasts 20 yard shot that the

sliding goalie palmed over the ball. Tomac was subbed off at

halftime. 61 minutes had TC Bozenko Lesina recovered a ball

after furious action in the BCU box and took a low 20 yard shot

that the sliding goalie blocked. 75 minutes had TC Marin Vucemilovic

Grgic on the left pass over to a charging TC Hayden Fitzwilliams for

a clear shot from 12 yards but he blasted it over the net. There

were just as many slightly-less-likely chances that I could have


The game officials were all female tonight including referee

Carol Anne Chenard and referee's assistant Marie-Josee Charbonneau

it was announced before the game that both were going to be

officials at the London Summer Olympic Games. The players on

both sides gave her good practice playing a rough tackling game.

One Yellow card for each team (on the field) and a lot of freekicks

and whistles kept the game in check. Both teams going all out

for goals probably kept the players from more hacking and chopping

then a blowout result.

Alex Bastyovanszky was at the game videoing interviews for content

to the magazine show 'This Week in the CSL'. That show's premiere

episode was being broadcast just half hour before the game. While

this game was starting, the Friday night Mississauga Eagles vs

SC Toronto game was broadcast for the first time.

Rocket Robin


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Robin, do you think the level of play in the CSL has improved over the last few years, remainded the same, or decreased?

It's too soon for me to say as I haven't seen even half the teams yet.

For now, I'll say it's the same. Lots of team rosters were just put

together in the last few weeks and don't look their sharpest.

Interesting every year there's some new teams come into the league

starting from nothing and zip into the playoffs. Milltown FC in 2010,

Capital City last year and this year's early surprise (haven't seen

them yet) SC Waterloo. They did have a second division team last year.

Now the league should try to keep them--unlike the one year and gone

histories of those previous two teams.

One thing I missed mentioning about the Brampton City line up last night

is they had starting forwards Alex Braletic and Milos Scepanovic

and defenders Mirko Medic and Mark Jankovic. All four of those

players played for Serbian White Eagles last year.

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