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Nonni signs with SV Wilhemshaven


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Per his twitter, he signs a 6 month contract with the 4th division team, forgoing his senior year at UCSB.

That makes two Canadian Gauchos in Germany. Btw, I read that Friend was rumored to be scouted by West Brom, but that was a couple weeks ago.

Go Canada!

Go Gauchos!

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What happened to him in College? He seemed to start off some promising then he just fell off..

A couple things...

1) Mostly injuries. For example, he started the year injured, and then pulled his hammy. Never really got going but played well when he could.

2) UCSB had a lot players that play his position (Fwd/Right Wing). That would include guys like Sam Garza (#6 MLS pick) and David Opoku who also is leaving early to try his luck in Spain or Portugal. With very liberal substitution rules, he'd see the field when healthy, but he might only play 30-40 minutes.

I would have loved to see a healthy Nonni as a senior, especially since we're suddenly gutted at forward and wingers. But good to see him latch onto a team so fast and see where it leads him.

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