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Sorry - OT Football on Sportsnet


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I figured someone here might know as well as any ... I am currently a Setanta Sports subscriber and Sportsnet World is being launched and taking over some of Setanta's programming? Do I subscribe to Sportsnet? Do I continue to pay for Setanta? Are the two channels combining into one?

On a more topical note, while I'm on questions and to legitmize this post?

Has Steve Nash/Drake/Stephen Harper texted/called JDG2/Hoilett yet as part of the recruiting drive?

What happened to murmurs of Hainault getting a run in France?

Who is the footballing Titan they call Wyn Belotte and how much can we collectively fundraise to lure him back out of retirement?

If Rob Friend falls in a forest, does he miss a sitter?

Does a mortician do Craig Forrest's pre-show make-up?

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