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CSL 2011--Week 14

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Result of the Friday August 5th, 2011 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Montreal Impact Academy played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

9 min...MIA Wadrille Lefevre GOAL...MIA Bastien Bourgault touches pass up middle through two defenders from 25 yards and Lefevre rolls 15 yard shot under sliding goalie Milos Djurkovic to center of net.

33 min...SWE Alex Braletic GOAL...Braletic blasts 30 yard shot that deflects off defender at point of kick and over goalie Dominic Provost deflecting off underside of bar into net.

49 min...SWE Alex Braletic GOAL...SWE Sasa Viciknez receives ball on pass from left and chips short pass to Braletic at 22 yards on right. Braletic cuts in on defender and shoots low and under goalie and into center of net.

66 min...MIA Maxim Tissot GOAL...Tissot rushes up left and blasts 15 yard shot to top right of net although it beat the goalie on the short side.

Final Score:.........Serbian White Eagles........2............Montreal Impact Academy.........2.........

Attendance was about 180 on this hot and humid evening although it cooled to a nice temperature as the sun set by the second half.

This was a rough and hard fought game with 42 fouls—21 to each team. (I don't keep that detailed a description of the game but got the figures from the referee assessor).

White Eagles had a makeshift defence getting by without Ricardo Manguia Perez who was Red carded in the Sunday game against Brampton City United and Mirko Medic who had accumulated enough Yellow cards (including one on Sunday) for suspension. Midfielder Kirie Dimitrov also did not play because of injury so Darryl Gomez took most of the cornerkicks from the left. Milos Scepanovic takes them from the right. Sasa Viciknez played the entire 90 minutes (the team rarely has the 37 year old as a starter anymore) in midfield and was very effective in sending passes forward to forwards Shane Lammie and Alex Braletic.

Best non-scoring chances started early with at 3 minutes when SWE Sasa Viciknez passed the ball forward and SWE Shane Lammie eluded a defender to one-touch blast a 22 yarder that the diving goalie pushed wide right. At 24 minutes SWE Milos Scepanovic crossed from near the left corner flag and had Lammie nod a 6 yard header that the flying goalie stops and a defender cleared. 26 minutes found MIA on a 2 on 1 rush with Wandrille Lefevre and Bastien Bourgault against defender Mark Jankovic but Lefevre electing to shoot from 22 yards on the right that the sliding goalie stopped. Two minutes later Lefevre bent a 28 yard freekick from the left around the wall and the diving goalie saved on the left post. The SWE goalie made a mistake a minute later by picking the ball up outside the box although his feet were still in the box. Referee Peter Pendli gave him a Yellow card and it let the MIA have a dangerous freekick. Maxim Tissot blasted the 20 yard freekick up the middle and the goalie palmed it over the bar. 35 minutes found MIA Lefevre on right rolling an 18 yarder wide left of the post. 40 minutes had SWE Scepanovic take a 25 yard freekick from the right that had SWE Jankovic just miss connecting on a header from 3 yards on the left post as he charged forward. In injury time SWE Alex Braletic took a throw-in from the right and Lammie sent a 10 yard scissor kick shot over the net.

Second half had MIA Serge Dinkota receive a pass and take a quick blast up the middle from 22 yards that had the goalie bat down and crawl to pick up. 76 minutes had SWE Scepanovic take a cornerkick from the right that had SWE Jankovic head across the box from the left and Viciknez on the right nodded the ball to the middle of the box and SWE Filip Velasevic injure himself when he missed on an 8 yard bicycle kick. 78 minutes had Scepanovic boot an 18 yard shot wide right just missing the post when he was sent throught on the left. 86 minutes had SWE sub Viktor Anastasov chip Scepanovic a pass on the left and he shot just wide right from 15 yards when in alone on the left. 92 minutes found Viciknez take a 35 yard freekick from the left that a SWE player get an 8 yard shot that the goalie flies to block. Scepanovic took a 10 yard rebound shot that was deflected wide left for a cornerkick.

A tie was a fair result for this game but either team could have won. Impact Academy now travel to Brantford tomorrow evening against the Galaxy. Montreal and Ottawa always come to Southern Ontario to play two games in two days but then that's matched by the southern Ontario teams doing the same thing once a year when they play Montreal and Ottawa. White Eagles had just travelled there two weekends ago and lost both games.

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Result of the Saturday August 6, 2011 CSL game between Toronto Croatia and Capital City FC played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:30pm.

14 min...TC Boris Tomac GOAL...Tomac in crowd of players blasts 25 yarder up the middle into top left corner of net beyond flying goalie Clinton Irwin.

34 min...TC Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL...TC Tonci Pirija in middle at 22 yards pushes pass to left and

Fitzwilliams shoots low 15 yarder to far right corner of net past goalie diving at 5 yards.

95 min...CCFC RED card...Akil Defreitas earns a direct ejection from referee Hassane Rifai for a vicious sliding tackle on TC Boris Tomac at CCFC 35 yard right sideline injurying him.

97 min...game ends.

Final Score:......Toronto Croatia........2...........Capital City FC........0.......

Attendance was about 125 on this hot and humid evening with a light drizzle falling for much of the game.

Capital City looked tired as the night wore on. They had played the night before in London. Many of their freekicks and cornerkicks were over the players they were meant for and bounced harmlessly out of play.

Antonio Ilic earned the shutout for Toronto Croatia by making a few key saves. Most other shots were from a great distance or blocked by defenders before getting to him. The dangerous second half ones were at 55 minutes when CCFC William Beauge blasted a low 25 yarder up the middle that Ilic dived to save on the left post, at 60 minutes when CCFC Sullivan Silva blasted a low 12 yard shot from the right that he smothered, at 64 minutes when CCFC Julien Edwards crossed from 25 yards on the right that had him fly forward to knock the ball down at 10 yards in the middle and crawl to smother the ball, and at 78 minutes when CCFC Akil Defreitas flubbed an 8 yard shot that bounced to him.

Capital City wore black names and numbers on their black uniforms so it was very difficult to tell them apart. This is not the American Olympic basketball team with white on white so no superstar will feel more important than any other teammate. Real fans could tell that team apart. CCFC will never attain this recognition especially on the road where fans in each city will see them once a year.

Capital City had a chance to leap into a tie for first place with SC Toronto although SCT has three games in hand. Instead they stay in second because Montreal Impact Academy lost earlier in the day to Brantford Galaxy. Toronto Croatia with tonight's win jump two teams and move into fifth place. With their games in hand, if they win them, they can pass everyone except SC Toronto as both of them have only played 13 games so far this season.

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Result of the Sunday August 7, 2011 CSL game between Mississauga Eagles FC and London City played at Hershey Fields in Mississauga at 7:00pm.

11 min...MEFC RED card...Ivan Juric is directly ejected from the game by referee Matt Arduini for a sliding tackle on LC Brody Van Gestel at LC 45 yards. Gestel wasn't subbed and returned to the game at 18 minutes.

64 min...MEFC Dave Simpson GOAL...MEFC David Guzman cross from left from 25 yards has Simpson stop at 15 yards and spin around defender to get away 12 yard shot down middle into top center of net over goalie Fabian Knezevic.

Final Score:......Mississauga Eagles FC........1.........London City........0.......

Attendance was about 120 on this warm evening. We were lucky in that it didn't start raining until about 20 minutes after game time. That would effect both their Reserve League teams who started within a few minutes of the conclusion of this game. Two hours to hang around for the main team players from London? Nope, the bus driver confirmed. The main team got here on their own and would drive themselves back. This time of night that would be about three hours away.

With time added, it was over 80 minutes that MEFC were shorthanded. That immediately changed the strategy of the game. London had not got out of their own half until the Red card. After that, the game was very even. Melford James Jr earned the shutout for MEFC having to make a few key saves.

Best non-scoring chances were at 9 minutes when MEFC Jose Melo played a give and go with Dave Simpson who tapped him over a pass on Melo's run down center and his low 18 yard shot was spun off the diving goalie at 10 yards and a defender kicked it wide left for a throw-in. At 37 minutes MEFC Shawn Brown on the right end line crossed out from 10 yards away and MEFC Tristan Scott headed the ball forward down the middle from 15 yards and Simpson headed the ball from 6 yards onto the top of the net. At 42 minutes Melo crossed over four City defenders to find Brown take a diving header from 6 yards on the left just wide left of the post. At 45 minutes Simpson held onto the ball on the edge of the City box against three defenders and stubbed a pass to Scott down the middle who took a shot from 15 yards just over the net. At 67 minutes Brown rushed down the middle as a defender retreated and his 18 yard shot was caught by the flying goalie. 74 minutes found Brown deking the goalie on the right at 8 yards but a defender prevented shot and his cross had Simpson missed in middle but MEFC David Guzman on left shot a 15 yarder into the outside webbing of the net. At 78 minutes LC Michael Marcoccia took a 22 yard slow shot through defenders on the left that was smothered by the goalie. 86 minutes had City Eris Tafaj take a 25 yard freekick from the left had MEFC defenders make a partial clearance and LC Marcoccia ran to the right and crossed through the box that LC Elvir Gigolaj flew on left at 5 yards and headed the ball wide right. That same minute MEFC Simpson blasted a low 20 yard shot from the right that hit the left goalpost. Last chance at 96 minutes had LC Thomas Beattie blasted a 20 yard freekick into the player wall.

Eagles record improves to 7-7-1 (8th place, the final playoff spot) after splitting their games on the weekend. They lost Friday night to league leading SC Toronto. London City lost both games this weekend having been defeated by Capital City 5-1 in London on Friday. Their record falls to 1-8-3 for 13th out of 14 teams.

Tonight's game was broadcast by Roger's Community Channel to cable subscribers in Mississauga. I had been hanging around west of Toronto since early this afternoon not getting the message that the game at Victoria Park in Brampton between Brampton City United and York Region Shooters had been cancelled by the City of Brampton because of the wet field. (I could see through the fence and the field didn't look too bad but I wasn't at a good angle). Shooters are from the GTA so this game shouldn't be too difficult to reschedule.

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