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Caps Draft Picks


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#1 - Omar Salgado

#8 - Michael Nanchoff

#19 - Jeb Brovsky

#37 - Bilal Duckett


Salgado was only a surprise to the pundits who all had Nagbe & Kitchen 1/2. We have fast small forwards (REB & Stewart etc) so someone with a bit of size makes sense. Salgado is 6'4" and Nagbe is 5'9". Both should be good picks for Vancouver and Portland (watch out Seattle).

Nanchoff is a left side MF which we can use. Was injured so didn't make the combine. Good thing the Caps scout ahead of time.

Brovsky. I don't know much about him other than he is a MF out of Notre Dame. First team in Big East conf. 6'1" & 170.

Duckett - Defender(RB). 6'2" & 165. Another one out of Notre Dame.

Okay I think that is it for us unless we trade for someone. What do you guys think?

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