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Looking for Randy Samuel.

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I'm posting you this message, because I'm looking for a former Canadian soccer international Randy Samuel. My name is Wouter and I'm a 37 year old PSV-supporter from Holland. I'm looking for Randy Samuel, because Randy played for PSV in the mid '80. I'm a collector of PSV player cards and I would like Randy to sign his PSV player card.

For the past few weeks I have been looking for him on the internet, but I have not been able to find him. The only lead I have is that he has a "soccer business" in the Richmond area and that he plays soccer or is a coach of Lobbans FC in the VMSL. On the Vancouver Metro Soccer League-site I found a phone number of Randy Samuel, but looking trough the phonebook that phone number does not exist. I've also tried to contact the VMSL, but they don't pick-up and they don't have an email listed on there website.

Randy is a difficult man to find or I'm not looking in the right place. May be someone on this forum can help me?

Kind regards,


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Hi Wouter.

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure someone on the board can help you, and who knows, perhaps Randy checks out the forum from time to time. My cousins back in Holland usually cite Randy as the one Canadian they know who has played in Holland. Perhaps you wouldn't mind giving us your thoughts on another who is now in PSV colors - Atiba Hutchinson. How has he been performing, what are the reviews on his play, his pace and his overall value-added to the team. Anything you can add about his off-pitch integration would be great.

I guess now that Affelay is off to Barca, the team will look quite different for the remainder of the season. Good luck to you

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Well you'll be very happy with this;

Randy coaches a u15 boys team called Whalley PSV. Whalley is a club in the city of Surrey - Whalley being a district of Surrey.


He coaches other teams too. Very nice guy. Easily approached. Haha, he signed my 1998 World Cup Canada qualifying jersey (red with the maple leaf!)

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