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CMISL/PASL - Calgary vs Edmonton - Round 1


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Well it seems destiny that all games between these 2 teams end in a one goal decision. Calgary takes the opener 7-6 in an afternoon game in front of about 300+ spectators. Given that both team have lost several key players to the FC Edmonton squad it was going to be interesting to see how the new players fared. Some familiar faces mixed in with plenty of new ones on both teams.

Edmonton looked very rough on first touch in the first half and Calgary made the most of it with Napuri getting a hat trick before half time and Calgary being up 6-1. Edmonton just wasn't in sync with each other and were allowing to many tic tac toe plays by Calgary which lead to the lopsided score at the half. Edmonton was trying hard and even had a great chance short handed when the score was 2-0 for Calgary but hit the corner and the ball bounced out.

Second half Edmonton found their touch, broke up a lot more of Calgary's passing and started staging the comeback. Calgary didn't help themselves by getting into foul trouble early in the 3rd quarter and gave up several power plays. Suddenly it was 6-3 and we had a game going. Edmonton made it 6-4 to make it tighter yet. With the score 7-5 and just over 3 minutes remaining Edmonton switched goalies to add another attacker and when Calgary took another foul to go down a man they put the pressure on. With 10 seconds to go they scored to make it 7-6 but Calgary ran out the clock to preserve the win on the ensuing kickoff.

Good action packed game with the sprinting and end to end play. Next one is on Jan 23rd at 3 PM against California (one of the best US based PASL teams).

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