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MLS Allocations Rules


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1. Can somebody explain to me why the team that Sal Zizzo would go to was decided by a weighted lottery?


2. Why would it not have been decided by just the regular allocation order?

3. If an MLS team would have had Zizzo on their discovery list, would he have avoided this whole allocation process?

4. If yes, why would an American MLS team not have had a former U20 international on their discovery list?

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This link is usually a good place to start when researching questions like these:-



Some players shall be assigned to MLS teams via the weighted Lottery process. Any team assigned a player through the lottery in any particular season shall not be assigned another lottery player that season unless and until all teams have received a lottery player or have agreed to waive their option to participate in a Lottery. The players made available through lotteries include:

(i) Generation adidas players signed after the MLS SuperDraft;

(ii) Draft eligible players to whom an MLS contract was offered but who failed to sign with the League prior to the Draft.

The weighted lottery takes into consideration each team's performance over its last 30 regular season games and the most recent postseason. The team with the worst record over its last 30 regular season games (dating back to previous season if necessary and taking playoff performance into account) will have the greatest probability of winning the lottery. Teams are not required to participate in a lottery. Players are assigned via the lottery system in order to prevent a player from potentially influencing his destination club with a strategic holdout.

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