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CSL 2010 Week 3

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Result of the Friday May 21, 2010 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles vs St Catharines Wolves played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

The officiating crew ruled the field unplayable so the game was cancelled.

A City of Toronto crew were working on the field right up to game time at 8:00pm and the game was initially postponed until 8:30pm. I didn't look too closely until the game was called off and the people starting drifting away but there were at least 150 people still there. What was the city doing between Monday and Thursday?

The field problem was part of the same problem that caused the Toronto Croatia vs London City game being called off. On that night there was plywood under a long strip of the east sideline caused by the district high school track meet earlier that week. By tonight the plywood had been removed but the field turf was secured to the ground by a combination of Velcro and roofing nails.

It is possible that a softer referee might have let the teams play because I seen bad conditions in mud puddles, baked grass, patchy worn out Astro Turf etc. There is nothing to guarantee that the field will be 'playable' on the next scheduled game between Toronto Croatia and Brantford Galaxy on Sunday night. CSL Executive Director Stan Adamson felt the game should have been played. Will a different officiating crew say there's nothing wrong with the field and let them play? I'll know before I go to any game at that stadium next time. I could easily go to the Portugal FC vs Toronto Croatia at Lamport Stadium in Toronto which is the television game of the night but I only get a chance to see the Wolves only a few times during the season. Portugal won that game 4-2.

Like London City last week, the trip from St Catharines resulted in the team having the expense to rent a bus for the night to get here. Last year tonight's teams had a game called off by a thunderstorm but this cancellation was from human error/misjudgement.

The starting goalie for Serbian White Eagles was going to be Milos Kocic who is the number three goalie on the MLS Toronto FC. He is on loan to White Eagles so he can get some playing time.

Rocket Robin


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the portugal fc toronto croatia match was pretty good, lotta goals, some good and a decent game overall, looked to be like 50ish people in the stands, Toronto croatia got a red when it was 2-1, came back to 2-2 and then lost in the second half.

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Well it was a bit sad to see that the game was cancelled yesterday, especially after the same thing happened last week. You would think 1 week would be enough to have this problem fixed.

Now I am not sure if the city assured the league that they issue would be fixed but you would think that the league would have said "Look, by Thursday or Friday at x time our referee doesn't think the pitch is good enough we will give advance notice to both teams and fans that it is postponed/cancelled." It is rather embarrassing for the league for this to happen again. Last year I recall 2-3 cancellations at Centennial as a result of the artifical pitch installation. Luckily yesterday's match was not a Rogers broadcast.

Needless to say executives from both teams were quite ticked off about the decision, especially the Wolves, who rented a small bus to transport the team down from St Cats.

During the Toronto Croatia/Portugal match it was announced that the Sunday night Croatia home match at Centennial would now be moved to Lamport Stadium at 8:30pm.

The Portugal FC game was highly entertaining and they won 4-2. That team is looking mighty fine but their fitness is lacking. Kevin Jeffers and Ramon Bailey were gamebreakers yesterday against a formidable TO Croatia side. One wonders what will happen though when the York signings that Carmine Isacco brought to the team will go back to playing in the CIS. If they keep this core lineup and get Danny Amaral back, this team will be a serious contender for the title this year.

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Subject: May 22, 2010 CSL--TFC Academy vs Brampton Lions (by Rocket Robin)

Result of the Saturday May 22nd, 2010 CSL game between TFC Academy and Brampton Lions played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

65 min...TFCA Allando Matheson GOAL...TFCA Brennan McNicoll cornerkick from right has Lions goalie Roy Blanche punch out ball to partially clear. Lions Judah Hernandez blocks the rebound of a TFCA player and the ball falls to Matheson who blasts 10 yard shot into left side of net past a defender guarding the post.

72 min...TFCA Nicholas Lindsay GOAL...TFCA Brennan McNicoll 30 yard freekick from right is into crowd of players in Lions box and Lindsay on left blasts 7 yarder into net.

82 min...TFCA Josh Janniere GOAL...TFCA Jonathan Lau passes from center at 30 yards over to Janniere on left and he shoots 18 yarder into right corner of net over sprawling goalie 12 yards off his line to cut off the angle.

Final Score:.......TFC Academy..................3........................Brampton Lions.................0.............

Attendance was about 35 people on this partially sunny late afternoon. The game was only one hour after the MLS Toronto FC vs New England Revolution game that had some drizzle falling in the first half in front of an announced crowd of 20672 although there were some fans who didn't show up on this holiday weekend. For this week's game there were no announcements during the MLS game that this CSL game would take place although there were a few reminders that after the game kids could come to the sideline to meet the Kellogg's mascot Tony The Tiger and try to score goals on him. That probably had about 300 kids and parents right after the game.

Angelo Cavalluzzo earned the shutout for the Academy with a few key stops but mostly the Academy kept the pressure on throughout large patches of the game. I heard today that Angelo is the nephew of the famed local broadcaster Dino Cavalluzzo who I used to watch his sports news reports on the previous Canadian Soccer League of the 80's and 90's even though I didn't understand a word of Italian.

This was the first game this year played by TFCA forward Allando Matheson who said after the game it was because he was injured. Defender Doneil Henry and team captain/midfielder Matt Stinson are still away with the Canadian Olympic team but this could be one of the best CSL teams this year depending on how they do on the road. (three home games so far with a 2 win, 1 loss record).

TFCA's Nicholas Lindsay had only come in one minute earlier before he scored. Jonathan Lao had only been on the field two minutes before he got the assist on Janniere's goal. They made head coach Jason Bent look like a substitution genius.

The Lions missed their MVP from last year Daniel Nascimento and defender Mike Marchese who were both Red carded in last Sunday's match against North York Astros. Lions have long time CSL veteran Giovanni Annisi anchoring their defence. Lions best chance came early when at 14 minutes Kevin Omokhua ran up the left wing and cut towards goal, regained possession of the ball on the left end line, chipped out a short cross and Mohammed Kanu shot a 7 yarder wide left of the post.

Referee Gianni Facchini had an easy game to call, giving out four Yellow cards, all to Lions players.

Facilities were minimal as there was no microphone for the announcer and TFC officials said they were supplying their own who announced the starters then went home right after. A TFC official talked to the CSL League by cell phone

and outlined that they would have control of the facilities for all future games that the Academy played at BMO Field (another five during the rest of the season).

Rocket Robin


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Montreal Impact Academy-Hamilton Croatia 0-0 final


FC Hamilton Croatia lost midfielder Danny Jirta to a red card dismissal for misconduct at the 28th minute mark, but still played well enough against Montreal Impact Academy in a game that could have gone either way at Dollard-des-Ormeaux, a game relocated from the Saputo Stadium in Montreal.

Good midfield play by both teams and sound goalkeeping by Hamilton’s Cameron McKay and Montreal’s Andrei Badescu accounted for the scoreless tie. Hamilton Croatia forward Aidan O’Keefe looked dangerous in front of the Montreal goal from time to time, while the Quebec team’s Diderot Nana played well for the Quebec side.

Hamilton Croatia head coach Ron Davidson was dismissed from the game at its late stages for generally showing dissent.

It’s the second scoreless tie for Montreal Impact Academy following the game against Milltown on May 15, while FC Hamilton Croatia have one win, 2-1 over TFC Academy on the same date.

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Result of the Sunday May 23, 2010 CSL game between North York Astros and St Catharines Wolves played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 3:45pm.

1 min 50 sec...Astros Mahyar Kohbad GOAL...Astros Roozbeh (Michael) Houdaji rush up left and his cross from 25 yards finds charging Kohbad who heads in 5 yarder to right corner of net between the post and Wolves goalie Claudio Perri.

3 min...Wolves Matthew Cain GOAL...Wolves Dana Heimbecker rush on right to 20 yards and rolls cross to charging Cain to roll in 6 yarder under sprawling Astros goalie Nelson Ryan Zamora into center of net.

25 min...Wolves Matthew Cain GOAL...Wolves Dana Heimbecker rolls a cross from 20 yards on right and Cain shoots roller from 10 yards past defender and goalie into right side of net.

50 min...Wolves Simon Murphy GOAL...Murphy gets loose ball that the Astros goalie had just blocked on a diving save and he heads ball into net from 10 yards.

Final Score:......North York Astros............1..............St Catharines Wolves.....................3...........

Attendance was about 80 on this sunny, hot and humid day. This was the Astros home opener celebrating their 20 year existence.

The Astros have almost a completely different line-up than last season's 9th place out of 10 team finish. General Manager Bruno Ierullo said he has a very young team with the average age about 20 after discounting the 40+ age of defensive

veteran Kurt Ramsey. He said at halftime to watch out for his team playing just as fast paced as they were in the first half while the Wolves were tire out in the second half. Well that didn't work out. The Wolves are a veteran team in their mid 20s but from their roster many have been with the team at least four years. Only veteran Geoff Attard was the one roster player I didn't notice and Wolves fourth year Head Coach James McGillivray said he'd retired. Wolves compensated for the 'boundless energy' of the Astros by having the defenders cover for each other--if one was beaten, the Astros player would soon be checked by another defender. Also with goalie Claudio Perri having no fear of charging out to the edge of his box or beyond, he could clear potential offensive setups before they could get organized. The Astros were also constantly getting caught on offsides as they kept getting caught in traps. There came a few times late in the game where they were afraid to run for some through-ball passes just waiting for the flag to be raised.

Referee Carol Anne Chenard had a tame game to call with few Yellow cards to give out. She was being followed around by a television crew from Quebec filming for a documentary. Chenard will be a FIFA referee at the next Women's World Cup next year.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday May 23, 2010 CSL game between Toronto Croatia and Brantford Galaxy played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:30pm.

44 min...Galaxy Miodrag Andjelkovic GOAL...Galaxy Zoran Roglic rush on right and crosses from 22 yards to charging Andjelkovic at 8 yards to head ball between TC goalie Sandi Matika and short right post.

50 min...Croatia Braeden Krampert GOAL...TC Daniel Leko cross from left at 30 yards is over TC player and defender's heads at 15 yards but Krampert is behind them in open and from 12 yards rolls shot under sprawling BG goalie Ante Domjanovic in center of net.

71 min...Galaxy Ranko Golijanin GOAL...BG Drazen Vukovic from 20 yards on left rolls cross through box past BG player but Golijanin who was behind him kicks a low 15 yard shot into the left corner of the net.

89 min...Croatia RED card...Sven Arapovic draws his second Yellow card for a tackle on BG Miodrag Andjelkovic on breakout at center line. (he earned his first for another knockdown at 35 minutes from referee Steve Senderovich.

Final Score:......Toronto Croatia.........1.................Brantford Galaxy...................2............

Attendance was about 200 on this hot and humid evening. This game had been moved on less than two days notice from Centennial Stadium as the league was into it's second weekend of games being cancelled there because of poor field conditions--loose Field Turf not properly reinstalled after a high school track meet. Fans got to see a fireworks display during the game in the distance at nearby Ontario Place celebrating the Victoria Day holiday weekend.

Toronto Croatia have had a rough weekend. They lost at this same stadium on Friday night 4-2 against Portugal FC and are off to an 0-2 record. They lost midfielder Hayden Fitzwilliams at only 12 minutes when he pulled up lame.

CSL league official Pino Jazbec said the Galaxy had nine players from Europe in their lineup. They are from eastern Europe and this will be their living for their time here. To save money the owner didn''t but them together until a few weeks ago and so they missed the CSL exhibition season. They will get better the longer they play together. Their first goal tonight with the timed run for the header was world class. The Galaxy record improves to 1 win, 1 tie.

Jazbec said the CSL has changed to confirm to Canadian Soccer Association standards even though it's only a development league by limiting a team's substitutions per game to five rather than seven as it had been last year.

Jazbec said the league is putting the finishing touches on getting their All Star team assembled to play on June 23rd against Esporte Clube Vitoria of Brazil. Vitoria are on the market to shop some of their young players and will then travel to Calgary on the 25th and play in Edmonton on the 27th against the new USL Edmonton team. The CSL game will likely be played on the natural grass at BMO Field in Toronto as MLS Toronto FC are interested in scouting some of their players and Vitoria only wants to play on real grass.

Rocket Robin


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