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  1. If that Astros/Impact game wasn't the most boring match I've seen in years I have no idea what is. I truly feel sorry for Astros keeper Alberto Rocha, who has a worse back four than the old London City teams from 5 years ago. Speaking of whcih, great to see London and especially Windsor improving this year. A playoff spot for Windsor is something else.
  2. Hey guys who has an original photo of the banner? I want to publish it ASAP so get back to me please!
  3. I agree, however I think that his connection to Nova Scotia Soccer (board handle) forces him to favour Hart. I think Hart should have been named as HC immediately after the 2007 Gold Cup in which we were robbed at Soldier Field but the ball was dropped completely. I feel Hart has done reasonably well with the squad and I think his persona and demeanour is top class, great guy. However, I strongly feel that if he doesn't make the hex he understands the onus will be on him and will leave. If he makes the hex but we don't go through is a different story but most of here do believe that our
  4. Am I the only one hoping that enough Cuban players will defect ala Gold Cup 2009 where they will field only 7 players to start? I think we'll take them 3-0 (feeling positive today) but I see Honduras taking out Panama 1-0 like many on here. They are still on paper the best team in our group.
  5. And who is doing the broadcast that night
  6. If we don't make the hex he is done without question. The guy I would bring in would be former Impact Head Coach Marc Dos Santos who is with Palmeiras now in Brazil. Another up and comer who won;t get the job but that everyone should keep their eye on over the next 3-5 years is Rafa Carbajal.
  7. It is only natural that FC Dallas will attempt to retain JDG but it will without a doubt be at a lesser amount of money. I would not be surprised one ounce if he goes back to Europe within a year (not sure what his status is for January having already been traded within the last year). I love his comments as they are blunt and really give fans something to talk about. We've been missing that type of stuff for years and I like players that break the barriers of proper PR and say what is on their minds. FCD have done very well since the trade and after the big win against VAN on the we
  8. It would be impossible to enforce exclusivity, especially with volunteers running the league. It would be impossible to stop let's say for argument sake William Hill from offering pre-game odds on a match if Bet365 had some sort of 'CSL Official Betting Partner' status. Even live in-play what are you going to do, kick a scout out of the stadium for reporting the match which is perfectly legal? They tried to stop this in Scotland back in 2008 and the lawyers of one sports info firm leveled them so good it didn't even get to court. I know of one major player in the business that was intere
  9. As someone who worked in the betting and live sports information sectors for a few years I am confident that I know about the live stats betting industry more than anybody in the country so I'll break it down in basics. Firstly, that British sounding guy in the documentary last night (is actually called a scout, not a runner btw) thinks his information is going directly to a bookmaker which is not true. It is very rare for a bookmaker to do their live in-play in house. That guy doesn't and never will have a clue who his client is because even his boss doesn't. Otherwise one could delay in
  10. Insid SOCCER Magazine has a 2 page feature on the team and competition in their new issue. I'll be flying out for the tournament at the end of October and it should be great. Always wanted to visit Bangkok. If anybody happens to be out there during the time (Nov 1-19th) let me know. In regards to the tournament, the boys gave their all but many of them were simply too fresh too futsal and by most accounts that is what ultimately did them in. The game against the US still feels like a lost opportunity as they were a very beatable team but basic defensive mistakes really did Canada in.
  11. I was initially surprised by what you wrote as it had been up since the night of the match along with the list of award winners. However, a few others I met at the Canada/Panama game in Toronto last week mentioned that hadn't seen it either so had the web master check into it and apparently a mass publishing button wasn't pushed which is a bit strange considering some were able to read it. Regardless, here it is in case you missed it. http://futsalcanada.ca/index.php/news/canadian-futsal-news/365-brampton-city-united-wins-cpfl-championship http://futsalcanada.ca/index.php/news/canadian-
  12. We'll be honouring the youth champions at tomorrow's Canadian Premier Futsal League Championship tomorrow at Seneca College at 4:45pm. Come see Canadian national team players battle it out. We're expecting about 100-200 people. Food, drink and a DJ are also in store.
  13. www.league1ontario.com has all the information related to the D3 league.
  14. I have the schedule but have been asked not to post the entire thing until the presser. However I will say that the first game will be hosted by Kingston and they'll host TFC Academy at Richardson. The cup competition will start at the end of August and the groups - and concept - seem pretty cool (sorry I can't post that as I need to keep my word). Also, Rogers will be doing Toronto broadcasts on Fridays and Saturdays but they will now be aired on Sundays at 8pm. The first match they will show will be SC Toronto vs St Cats from May 11th (shown the 13th). Playoffs will start in the 2
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