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MLS Live Online viewing


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I signed up for this the other day and watched a game.

The quality is EXCELLENT. I am totally impressed by it and recommend it.

Some caveats. I would not use it on an older computer, and they still have some bugs to hammer out.

This is the future of watching soccer.

The TFC game today is not on in HD in Vancouver, and the quality of the stream is BETTER than SD video. So I will watch and see what crazy Preki has put together in the last few days online instead of TV.

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Hey would you happen to have a link to where I can sign up for this? I don't get GolTV up here at school, but for $20 for the season sounds like a pretty good deal. I KNOW I've spent more than that on beer at BMO haha

Not sure, but I think the home games may be blacked out.

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