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quote:Originally posted by Cheeta

Don't think 1,000 m altitude means much if anything. What's Edmonton? Got to be getting close to that. Interesting question though.

(Oh the power of Google. Calgary altitude 3,500 ft, Edmonton 2,100 ft, Winnipeg 761 ft, Toronto 347 ft, Vancouver airport 4 ft).

Humidity is a killer for us Nor'landers. How many times over the years have we seen the MNT wilt in the tropical heat/humidity? Not saying that was the case at Estadio Corona (quite the opposite). That was a simple lack of match fitness and a defensive marshaling force.

Even in the USL, a road trip to the Carolinas and Florida in summer is deadly. For the Caps, usually one or two losses is typical. they win one and then absolutely wilt in the second or third game.

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quote:Originally posted by Kurosawa

Sure Montreal is not tropical but in the summer humidity is definitely something we have to deal with.

We actually have terrible humidity along the St Lawrence lowlands in the summer, by any standard.

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