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Peter Schaad hired by the Peak for PM drive show


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Peter Schaad will be joining the new station The Peak doing the afternoon drive show.

Not sure if he's still doing Whitecaps games next year? If not it would be a great loss.

I don't believe that The Peak is owned by the same company that owns 1040.

Also not sure if a broadcaster can do work for two different stations at once, but I suppose it's happened before.

Way to go Peter!

And you all probably know that Kevin Colabaro who was the voice of the Seattle Sonics will be doing radio for the Sounders next season.

I may be an idiot, but I was the first to let you know about Dupont being the name of BC Place, the news about the new line markings on the field and now this.

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Ok so the Whitecaps "pay" to have all ther games broadcast on radio and on shaw. So they would have the right to say who they would have as anouncer so even though Peter may move to another station if Peak was ok that he do the broadcasts for the Whitecaps then it would not be a problem as the Whitecaps control the content of broadcasts. Peter has been a great supporter of the Whitecaps on and off the mike so I can bet you he has his bases covered with this move and look forward to hearing more of him on the radio as a personality rather than producing and vocining ads.

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