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Lesson to be learned?


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Two teams started this group with 0-2-1 records.

One team, rated the lowest of all four teams, did that despite playing all three of those games on the road. However, that was still considered to be an unacceptable start, so they fired their coach, and then responded by beating Mexico to keep their WC hopes alive.

The other team, considered to be fielding possibly the best team they've had in years, manages that 0-2-1 record in spite of playing 2 of their first 3 games at home. They keep their coach, and go on to be eliminated from WC contention by the next game.

Jamaica had the foresight to get rid of their coach despite arguably overachieving by taking at least one point from 3 tough road games. Canada sees their plight as par for the course, and the media doesn't say a thing until it's too late.

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Does anyone here honestly think that the CSA had any intentions of making decisions to get this team to the World Cup?! Let's review the facts:

The Jamaica game is played in Toronto, the city that has THE LARGEST F*CKING JAMAICAN POPULATION IN CANADA!:(:( Money talks and CSA bull**** walks and it's only the first game, great way to start off the campaign (it was good though that you guys out east out numbered them, once again kudos on all the efforts put forth to see that through).

Honduras is hosted in Montreal, which happens to have THE LARGEST F*CKING HISPANIC POPULATION OF THE THREE HOSTING CITIES!:(:( Who the f*ck are they trying to f*cking fool???! Yet again, they sacrifice home field advantage for dolla dolla bills y'all...

I hope that many of you V's show up in force tomorrow evening, even if we have been eliminated. Who's gonna bring the "F*ck You CSA For Being Stupid C*nts" banner?:(

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