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  1. I love to support soccer matches whenever they come to town, but the prices are absolutley ridiculous to see a couple of mediocre teams play. I'm sitting this one out in protest.
  2. Is it just me, or does every time Dobson says "De Jong", it sounds like he's saying "Dionne"? I keep hearing "Marcel Dionne" and thinking isn't he a little old to be playing, never mind playing the wrong sport?
  3. Again, as amacpher has already pointed out, it's also clearly stated that tie-breaker "a" would never come into play in a 3-way tie. If ES is tied with us, that means CR beat us, and ES has beat CR, so it comes down to goal differential and goals as the head-to-head results have been nullified. Possible scenarios: -Canada wins or ties, ES-Jam result is irrelevant: Canada takes first -Canada loses, Jam wins or ties: CR takes first, Canada takes second -Canada loses 2-1, ES wins 1-0: CR takes first on goals for, Canada and ES need tiebreaker for 2nd -Canada loses 1-0, ES wins 1-0
  4. Worst possible goal differential AND worst possible goals for that a team with 6-points can have. Costa Rica and El Salvador already have 2 goals despite being 1-1 by virtue of their 2-1 game, as opposed to our 1-0 game.
  5. In all honesty, I almost think a 2nd place finish would give us a more favorable quarter-final match-up. Assuming USA and Mexico win their groups and Honduras finishes second in group B, if we win our group, we play Honduras in the quarters. Honduras is beatable for sure, but not as easy as if we finish second, and play Guadaloupe, Panama, or Nicaragua. Third would suck, because that would mean playing the US or Mexico in the quarters.
  6. Not true, as amacpher pointed out. If we lose to Costa Rica by a 1-0 score or by 2 goals or more, and El Salvador beats Jamaica by any score, we finish third, which is why it would have been nice to finish our chances last night and win by a couple (the drawing of lots would be a mathematical impossibility, because it would be impossible for all 3 teams to have the same differential AND same number of goals for based on the current standings). But also, as has been pointed out by many others, it's going to almost impossible to not be one of the top two third place teams, so we're through any
  7. It's no wonder some of those countries are poor. They spend all of their money on diving lessons and paying off referees while we waste our money on things like health care. Oops, did I say that out loud?
  8. I stand corrected. Like I said, years of beer drinking has likely affected my memory (and will probably only continue to do so ). But that said, having been to many a match at Varsity Stadium where there were only a few thousand fans, and most of them cheering against Canada, one match against Jamaica hardly makes a statement for Toronto, nor does an 8000 or 14000 turnout make a statement against Edmonton, if we look at overall track record.
  9. Yes, a big thank you to her persistence. But my point is, if someone knew to contact you for tickets, why make all the hoops to jump through? Somebody obviously wants to cheer for Canada, why make them have to "migrate"? My sister was more persistent than I would have been, and I'm glad...if I had to go to that trouble myself, I would have said screw it. We have enough trouble getting Canadian fans to cheer for Canada, why should we make it more difficult?
  10. It's easy for us to comment about ref bias after a game. However, if the refs are truly biased, we should be able to make some predictions: Assuming that CONCACAF wants Mexico in the hex, (and I'm making that assumption since it seems a new FIFA rule is that it is illegal to hit somebody's elbow with your face), then we should see the following: The refs should actually rule in favor of Canada (for a change) against Jamaica, while ruling against Honduras when they play Mexico. Am I being cynical?
  11. I'm not sure who she contacted. I directed her to this forum as a way to figure out how to get tickets in the V section. She didn't know my alias, not that anyone here would have known it anyway as I'd probably posted only once or twice a few years ago prior to her buying the tickets. In the end, she wasn't turned down, but commented that she felt like she had to jump through hoops and swear an oath to get the code. Could be her just exaggerating, I'm just reporting what I heard from her.
  12. I said many drew double to triple, not many drew triple. I don't have dates or numbers to back me up here, (hell, many of the games happened while I was still living in Toronto, so I'm not even sure if there were others in Edmonton) but off the top of my head: -Men's U-20 WC: the two games that Canada played drew big numbers. The mid-week single game was less, but the weekend double header had 35-40000. -Women's U-20 WC: all the games featuring Canada were huge draws 30-40000, with 55000 by the final. -Men's WCQ, final home game of the hex leading up to the '98 WC against Mexico: no cl
  13. I've been a lurker here for a long time and have only recently begun to post. My sister bought me tickets for my birthday, but told me it wasn't easy. I had made it known on my birthday wishlist that I wanted seats in the V section, not knowing the trouble my sister would have to go to to obtain them. In the end, she had to beg and plead her case to whoever she had communicated with in order to get the code to buy from Ticketmaster. So my suggestion would be that if you want to recruit more people, don't make it so difficult for them. Presumably if someone knows that there is a Voya
  14. What are you talking about? Edmonton usually draws more people than any other site, and usually draws the most pro-Canadian crowd. When meaningful games are played in Edmonton, they tend to draw well over 20,000, often much more. Sure, on TV 14000 people in a 60000 seat stadium looks "empty", but there have been many previous meaningful games that have drawn double to triple BMO's capacity. No argument there, but that also works against any of the opponents players coming from Europe, too. Usually? Once in a while, yes, depending on other events and weather conditions,
  15. How about keeping it simple: "Go Mitchell Go! And take the CSA with you!"
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