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What needs to go RIGHT vs. Honduras

Toronto MB

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So as the date of this do-or-die fixture approaches, I wanted to consider our fundamental failures thus far, and how this roster is going to stand a chance of adapting to these challenges in Honduras.

Negatives thus far:

1. Goalkeeping (vs Jamaica)

2. Inability to defend the counter-attack (vs. Honduras)

3. Inability to create distribution from the back

4. Inability to finish (Jamaica/Honduras)

5. Isolation of Friend.

6. Lack of heart. (particularly disappointed with DeGuzman vs. Honduras/Mexico)

Potential Answers:

1. Lars Hirchfeld - Was outstanding vs. Mexico, making several heoric saves. Cannot be faulted on any of the 4 goals conceded this cycle.

2. Our defensive break-downs against Honduras' counter-attacking pace in Montreal was our undoing. This for me, is a question without a tangible solution. I think the insertion of McKenna over hastings will bring some more leadership and high-level experience to the back-line and will help to steady the unit. I also favour in bringing in Jakovic who has more pace than Hastings, to help improve our speed when defensing these fast pace movements. Stalteri needs to do what he does bet which is maintain positivie positioning and take charge of the back-line with McKenna and get us a clean sheet. Kluka needs to keep us his play, and give us another good performance.

So at the back, I'm thinking:


3. Our lack of ball distribution from the back has also paralysed any movement going forwards. Stalteri and Hastings are mainly at fault here. This is the primary reason for my insertion of Jakovic. Did an excellent job generating play from the back at the U-23's and apparently has been succeeding in Europe. Dejan has excellent ball skills, composure and passing ability and this is what he will need to bring to the table. Stalteri needs to elevate his game in this are, this will be his last legitmate run at a WC and I hope he brings a passionate performance. McKenna will help us win challenges at the back, and I'm looking for his surrounding cast of Kulka and Jakovic to delievr the distribution.

4. Too many chances missed in the first two games. With proper finishing we could easily have walked away 4 points from Jaimaca/Honduras. My remedy for this is to load up the proven goal-scorer up front. 4-3-3 with the following attack:



Friend is a proven centre-forward, however we cannot rely on him to hold the ball up at his feet. However we can rely on his aerial attack, especially over the short Hondurans. Gerba has been our best striker, and I look for him to continue his powerful play up front. I have taken Hume over Radz for two reasons. Hume's set play delivery has been consistantly our best. With Friend, Gerba and McKenna attacking the box, quality service from Hume is imperative. Using him in this 4-3-3 is also allowing him to play his natural role as a striker connecting between the mids and centre-forward. These three are always guaranteed to bring full passsion and intensity, mental qualities that will be required in this match.

5. The isolation of Friend, will be assisted by Hume and Gerba on each side to connect JDG and Hutch's distriution the attack. They must connect the channels as well as Hume pushing out-wide on the counter attack with his crossing ability.

6. Lack of heart: this point stings for me. JDG's performace vs Mexico was disgusting. I love the guy to death, but his love for Canadian football seemed to have disapeared. I realise he is disheartened by Mitchell and our team's lack of quality compared to him, but slowing to a walking pace is unacceptable. He gave up on balls, his body language was poor and his play reflected his attitude. The WHOLE team now must feel the urgency. JDG and Hutch need to be the engine-room of this system. 90 minutes of back and forth hustle, with their usual creative flair. Now or never boys.

So it looks like this - (which I think is exactly similar to the 4-3-3 post - great minds think alike?)








Radz for Hume if Iain is off-form

DeJong for Hume if we go-ahead - switch to 4-4-2


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quote:Originally posted by Toronto MB

DeJong for Hume if we go-ahead - switch to 4-4-2

Most frustrating tactic is soccer. The point of playing a 4-3-3 is to put pressure on the Honduras back four and force them into mistakes. This is how Canada can take control of the game. If we turn it off we allow Honduras to get back into the game. If we go ahead, it means we should push for more. Our defenders are our weak spot, so instead of exposing them, why not take the pressure off them. We need to keep the pressure going for 90 minutes. Keeping possession of the ball is a very good way of defending. When we start to back off the same thing that happened against Mexico will repeat. For the first 65 minutes we allowed them to control them to control the play and get into their rhythm. We defended very well, and still conceded twice. We can't count on defending as well next time around. So attack attack attack! And if we go up still attack attack attack!

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