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PR: Cruz Azul Canada insulted by the CSL


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Toronto, July 8th, 2008 - For administrative reasons and following the failure of the negotiations between the Canadian Soccer League and the Quebec Soccer Federation; the Cruz Azul A.C. Mexico and Cruz Azul Canada removed their support to the Cruz Azul Quebec F.C.

No official agreement between the CSL and the FSQ

On February 11th, 2007, the Cruz Azul - the 8 time Mexican league champions - officially bought the rights for the Quebec City region to the Canadian Soccer League. The major problem is the fact that the CSL didn't have an official agreement with the Quebec soccer authorities to develop other soccer clubs in the Province of Quebec. Even, if the Attak of Trois-Rivieres is a member of the CSL; there is a special agreement between the CSL and the Montreal Impact that can't involve the Cruz Azul Quebec F.C. The Montreal Impact didn't seem to be opened at the idea of seeing another professional club like the Cruz Azul arriving on its territory and seemed to have put pressure on the FSQ to avoid an agreement to allowed the Cruz Azul playing in the CSL. Mr Dino Madonis and Miss Brigitte Frot of the Quebec Soccer Federation even asked the CSL to change the rules of the CSL game only for the Cruz Azul Quebec F.C. because they wanted to control foreign player's rules specificly for the Cruz Azul. That would avoid the Quebec F.C. to bring Mexican players in their line up. "We didn't want to bring of full Mexican team in Quebec City. Our objective was to bring only 2 or 3 players to raise the level of the game of the Quebec players. But if the CSL has different rules for our Quebec team; we all think that all the other clubs of the CSL have to follow the same rules!"; says a member of the Cruz Azul. A member of the Ontario Soccer Association confirmed that the Quebec Soccer Federation didn't want to approve the same agreement that was signed between the OSA and the CSL : "The Quebec Soccer Federation always wants to do things its own way and doesn't want to follow the CSL rules but only imposed its own!"

Insulted by the Commissioner Kaplan

The worst mistake in this case was made by the actual Commissioner of the CSL, Mr Cary Kaplan. After signing the contract with the group of Quebec City; he asked and imposed the Cruz Azul Quebec F.C. to change their name for the best interest of the CSL. Despite many efforts to convince the Commissioner to change his decision on this matter; the Cruz Azul arrived to a point that it wouldn't financially support the team or sending a coaching staff in Quebec City if Mr Kaplan maintains its position regarding the name Cruz Azul. Finally, even with all the arguments of the Quebec administration, the Cruz Azul Canada organization had cancelled its 100 000$ support to the Quebec City professional soccer club. A situation that doesn't understand the President of Cruz Azul Canada, Ramon Corona : "Since the day number one the CSL knew that the Cruz Azul was implicated in that project and that we were using the name on our business incorporation. But after signing the contract and receiving our first payment; the Commissioner Kaplan decided that the name wasn't approved by the CSL. Without the Cruz Azul's name, it was impossible for us to obtain the financial support from Mexico". Another information in the league says that the Commissioner even refused to reimburse the first payment to the Cruz Azul Quebec organization admits an anonymous owner of a CSL team.

United Soccer Leagues

The Cruz Azul Canada was thinking to negotiate with the USL few months ago but backed off after seeing the lack of interests of the Quebec Soccer Federation toward the Cruz Azul Quebec F.C. Two other groups are trying to obtain the rights of the USL in Quebec City; but the Montreal Impact has the rights on all the Quebec Province territory. A special situation giving by the USL years ago to the Saputo family. Normally, the United Soccer Leagues only authorize a 50 miles area for all other USL franchises.

- 30 -

Sources : Cruz Azul Canada: info@fclapena.com / Canadian Soccer League: (905) 856-5439 www.canadiansoccerleague.com / Quebec Soccer Federation: (450) 975-3355 www.federation-soccer.qc.ca / Ontario Soccer League: (905) 264-9404 www.ontariosl.com / United Soccer League: (813) 963-3909 www.uslsoccer.com / Montreal Impact: (514) 328-3668 www.montrealimpact.com/flash.aspx / Trois-Rivieres Attak: (819) 374-0044 www.attakfc.com

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that's really unfortunate news.

A club like Cruz Azul getting involved in the CSL, specifically in Quebec (where there is a desperate lack of professional clubs) would have been good for Quebec Soccer, good for Canadian Soccer and very good for the CSL. It would have boosted the league's profile.

very shortsighted!

Someone should try to lure that Cruz Azul money to Ontario.

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