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Julian Depor's player of the year


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24 May 2008 -- RCDLC.com peña members elect each season the best player, the best newcomer and the best young player (U-23) at Depor's squad. This season, Julian De Guzmán has won the award of player of the year, while the best young award and best newcomer award is for Andrés Guardado. De Guzmán was a crucial piece in Lotina's midfield and Guardado was one the best players in the squad at the beginning of the liga tournament.

The procedure used is very simple: Each deportivo-la-coruna.com peña member awarded the three best Depor's players in every official match (liga & copa) with the options of 5, 3 or 1 point according to their performance. The totals of each match were added and the best three players on each game were awarded with 5, 3 or 1 point. The totals were accumulated and the winner resulted to be the player with the higher number of points according to the three categories

And the best player for the season 2007/2008 is Julian de Guzmán. The Canadian midfielder fulfilled his third season at Depor and once again demonstrated to be a vital piece in Depor’s strategy. The ex-Hannover 96 was one of the four pivotes at the squad and was the one with more minutes on the liga season (2,923). He should be considered as the lung in midfield, the player responsible for the defensive tasks and the first line of defence against the rival's attacks.

One of his main characteristics is his consistency. De Guzmán only missed four matches in the whole liga campaign and in fact, he only missed 90 minutes on the pitch during the second round. And this absence was caused by a suspension for the visit game against RCD Mallorca. Encounter that Depor lost (0-1) and in which his absence was noticed.

RCDLC.com peña members always valued his heart and sacrifice in the games, that's why he was rewarded with 59 points in his 34 matches played on the liga campaign (he didn't play in copa del rey). As example the game against Villarreal at the Riazor, the last one of the season. Depor lost the encounter, but the work of the Canadian international was applauded by the peña members as all the voters for the game awarded him with the 5 points, the higher possible number in the voting system.

In this way, De Guzmán becomes the third player distinguished with the award within the last four seasons:

The final table of points for the season 2007/2008:

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