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Seriously now...JDG2 is a symptom of bigger issues


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Yes, you can add me to the growing list of upset soccer-mad Canadians who are upset and angered by Jonathan DeGuzman's decision. But seriously now...

His decision is but another nail in what should be the coffin of national soccer organizers. Yes, he should have chosen to play alongside his brother in what would have been the envy of CONCACAF midfields (never mind if OH were suited up, too, but I ain't gonna go down that road). But people here should get his riled up about the horrible state of the CSA.

Think about the crap that has been going on for a while now...a quick recap of the past 2-ish years (in no order, and certainly not complete) would include:

• no CEO (and all the money that goes along with the Nykamp affair)

• no TD (Dick, where are you?)

• no MNT coach for a year (Simoes?)

• a new MNT that was promoted from his U20 post, and all the success he realized with that program

• no President (didn't Linford say he hoped kids didn't aspire to wear the maple leaf)

• a reported loss of $1.75M from the U20 tournament

• the WNT residency requirement that lead to the Hooper et al arbitration

• what else is missing? Isn't this enough for the past three years?

I ain't supporting JDG2, but for an ambitious player like him that was looking for reasons to fly the coop, I think the CSA has done a helluva good job making it hard to (in the words of our former President Colin Linford) aspire to wear the maple leaf.

Jeez, if we could have the 9-odd pages of posters vilifying DeGuzman to write letters demanding change, maybe we might get somewhere.

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if you listened to the Soccer Show this evening and heard Bobby DeGuzman, you start to get an idea that the problems in Canadian soccer and especially at the CSA had an influence in Jon's decision making.

The crushing disappointment of Jon's decision can hopefully serve as the tipping point for everyone who REALLY cares about soccer in this country to rally together to work towards a complete overhaul of the existing canadian soccer establishment and replace it with a more positive, successful and sustainable model. Our system as it exists now is very sick and will only continue to produce more Jonathan DeGuzman's (young men forced to fully develop their talents outside of Canada from an early age because of the lack of proper development opportunities here are at home). It's time for a new vision for Canadian soccer to emerge.

You don't get a lot of chances at "do-overs" in life but this is our chance. The time is now for a new vision to take shape.

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VPjr, I really hope enough people feel as we do...that it is long past the time for good intentions. It is time to ask the hard questions and demand better. It is too easy to just vilify JDG2 and call him Judas / traitor / etc. (even if he is those things). It is another thing entirely to help build the vision you mention.

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quote:Originally posted by VPjr

^ an attempt at a new vision is coming. soon. hopefully people from coast to coast (to coast) will be willing to participate in the process.

People often forget they share in the power to do things in their own backyard. Yes the CSA has influence on the system as a whole...but nothing, and I mean nothing but ourselves stop us from being innovative in ways to develop local talent.

Bring on the new vision...but also bring on local action.

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