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Indoor season kicks off


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Good to seeing them getting some press. Calgary has assembled a very strong side. Edmonton also looks very good. The action was very fast yesterday and the games were very exciting. Calgary and Edmonton play today at 6 PM MST. If someone goes please post some game notes.

"The league has already fielded offers from a group in Toronto looking to join the CMISL."

Hmmm. I can see problems as well as opportunity in that one. Travel costs will go up but bigger exposure in a large market. I am sure that Southern Ontario could field at least 6 teams. Fly out and bus from place to place is a possibility to expand and yet keep costs down. Others on the board here have said Westjet is cheaper than taking a bus to Toronto.

I also wonder if they should try to adopt the MLS approach of owning the facilities they play at? Right now that would be too big of an up front cost but it does have advantages in revenue streams.

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Calgary United gets its first indoor kicks

Wins inaugural Cardel Cup as CMISL season begins

Rick Northrop, Calgary Herald

Published: Monday, January 21, 2008

Calgary United FC defender Dean Northover had some butterflies in his stomach before he hit the pitch on the weekend, but he recovered in time.

Northover should be nervous. He's one of two 16-year-olds on the Calgary United squad and gives up 30 to 40 pounds to most of his opponents.

"First game I was pretty nervous. After a while I got the hang of it. Things are going well," said Northover.

Calgary United FC played a set of five games as part of the Canadian Major Indoor Soccer League's kickoff weekend at the Stampede Corral over the weekend.

Northover grabbed plenty of time on the pitch as Calgary won its first game Sunday, 9-5, over the Winnipeg Alliance.

Sunday evening, Calgary completed its weekend docket with a 4-3 win over the Edmonton Drillers.

That victory earned head coach Dave Randall's crew the inaugural Cardel Cup championship, since Calgary finished with the best record out of the four-team competition.

"I'm probably more nervous for him than he is," said Janet Northover, Dean's mother, who was cheering him on from the Corral stands.

Northover is the youngest of seven siblings, four of whom play soccer.

Dean's sister Yvonne plays for the Illinois State Redbirds in the NCAA, and that's where he wants to end up.

Dean's brother, Mark was the captain of the Mount Royal College Cougars team in his final collegiate year.

Being selected for the Calgary United squad was a pleasant surprise for Northover, the second-youngest player on the team.

"It's good recognition. Maybe there's scouts in the stands," said Northover, who opened the scoring against the Drillers on Sunday evening.

Calgary United FC offers amateur indoor soccer players another level to aspire to.

"They disappear to England and leave us. I think it's our weather that's a big disadvantage," said Janet Northover, who was born in Scotland but left with her family at age seven.

Mark Slade's goal on a penalty kick earned Calgary its win over Edmonton on Sunday evening. Slade had a hat trick against Winnipeg, with Nic Reyes and Kyle Yamada chipping two goals apiece.

Calgary meets the Drillers in Edmonton on Friday.

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