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One of the other topics is alluding to women coaches in Canada for soccer, my question really is does anyone have any idea just how many Canadian University or Colleges coach positions change year to year.

I know in the US we can see the changes by the postings on NCAA.org for jobs open, and the listings on Soccer Buzz.

Does the lack of public posting for jobs in Canada lead to possible candidates not being aware of jobs and therefore not developing a base of women coaches in particular as well as other coaches outside the normal CSA stream ?

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Vacant coaching positions have been posted regularly on http://www.universitysport.ca/e/jobs/index.cfm

Currently the SFU Men's position is listed.

Same to be said for the CCAA, I've seen the postings for coaches there as well.


I've also seen listings on the OSA's site and the CSA's too. One prominent listing that I did not see listed was last year's change for the York Men's team. Isacco IN - James OUT. I heard the rumours, and I know that Isacco reports to PJ. I don't put this out as a negative, but I don't recall seeing/hearing anything formal about PJ stepping away from the Men's program at York. If he was out there looking for a suitable replacement, and he hand-picked Isacco, then that's his right to do that - it is his program and his decision.

Also, www.SIRC.ca reflects openings as most schools utilize this tool.

FWIW, if there is a position opening (wherever it may be) its usually through the local network that word does get out.

When I was in "involved" in Southern Ontario football, I heard about most openings before the public posts. Candidates seeking positions need to be "plugged in" as their network might almost become an evaluation tool in terms of reflecting potential ability to recruit players. If a coach is seeking "clarity" on a rumoured opening, the timeliness of the request for clarity can sometimes help that candidate.

Biggest problem that I see in coaching development is $$$. The lack thereof!

The OSA and CSA pay peanuts. Canadian post secondary positions offer no financial incentives, just a foot-in-the-door opportunity to develop a coaching resume and hopefully a springboard into something else.

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