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Canada to play China


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From CSA website:

OTTAWA (ONTARIO) – Canada’s women’s national team will face China in a two-game international friendly series in early May. Canada will face China on 3 May and 6 May in Hangzou, China, their first matches in China in three years. This two-game series will give Canada a chance to visit the host country for the FIFA Women’s World Cup China 2007.

"We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to visit the World Cup host country,” says Canadian national coach Even Pellerud. “It is important for us to identify travel issues, pollution issues, food issues, maybe even heat issues - all the small differences that are expected to become critical factors when we move into September (for the World Cup).

“We are going into this May series with a full player roster as well as a full staff. This has been made possible thanks to great contributions from the Canadian Olympic Committee and Sport Canada. We are very fortunate to have this tremendous support.”

Canada last faced China in the fall in a two-game series in St. John’s, NL. The teams drew 0:0 on 19 August and 1:1 on 22 August. In 14 all-time matches between the Canadian and Chinese senior women’s teams since 1990, Canada has won two matches, China has won 10 matches, and the teams have drawn twice. Canada first beat China on 8 June 2000 in the Pacific Cup in Newcastle, Australia on penalty kicks. Canada then beat China for a second time at the FIFA Women’s World Cup USA 2003 in Portland, OR (1:0).

In the March 2007 FIFA World Rankings, Canada was the 10th-ranked team in the world (second in CONCACAF behind the top-ranked United States). China, meanwhile, was the 11th-ranked team in the world. Along with Canada’s 3 May and 6 May international friendly matches against China, they will play the United States on 12 May in an international friendly in Frisco, TX. In 17 matches in 2006, Canada posted 10 wins, four draws (two of which were against China) and three losses (all against the United States).

From January to March 2007, Canada’s women’s national team ran a seven-week training stage at their residency camp in Vancouver, BC. They are currently in the midst of a second, two-week stage which runs through this Thursday before the Easter break.

“The health and fitness situation of our team keeps on progressing,” says Pellerud. “We expect all players to travel with us and be available for playing time.”

Canada is currently on the road to the FIFA Women’s World Cup China 2007. The tournament takes place 10-30 September in Wuhan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Tianjin. The Official Draw for the FIFA Women’s World Cup China 2007 is 22 April.

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Canada Lineup for the first game. CSA hasn't posted.I got it from the Chinese site:

22 Mcleod, Erin, 9 Chapman, Candace,10 Franko, Martina 11 Hermus, Randee, 15 Lang, Kara(46 min 18-Robinson, Jodi-Ann) 8 Matheson, Diana, 12 Sinclair, Christine, 16 Thorlakson, Katie, 17 Timko, Brittany, 13 Walsh, Amy (5 Sasha, Andrews), 7 Wilkinson, Rhian

This is from the CSA site:


Women’s National Team

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Canada drops first friendly match with China

Canada 1 : 3 China (match tracker)

Canada's women's national team lost the first of a two-game international friendly series with China today. The Canucks struck first, but the home team fought back with three unanswered goals and the victory. The rematch will be played on Sunday 6 May.

"We are not happy with the loss, although I have to give the athletes credit for their performance in their first game since 26 November," says head coach Even Pellerud. "We dominated early and scored early. In spite of creating plenty of good opportunities, we failed to settle the game and allowed China to score the tying goal."

Canada's captain Christine Sinclair opened the scoring in the ninth minute. China came back, though, with goals at the 22nd minute (Jie Min), 58th minute (Duan Min), and 90th minute (Yali Min).

"The second half started again very well for us, with Candace Chapman, Christine Sinclair, Rhina Wilkinson and (substitute) Jodi-Ann Robinson looking very dangerous," says Pellerud. "Unfortunately, we let in another set-piece goal against the run of play. We did not perform well on set pieces today.

"In the final minutes, we pushed Martina Franko up in an effort to get a goal, but a classic counter-attack killed the game for us.

"As we prepare for the second game on Sunday, we are sending some players home so that other players can get playing time. Some players struggled with the air quality today but overall most have handled the heavy pollution."

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Canada loses to China despite dominating play

Canada wrapped up their two-game international friendly series with China today and are now heading home. Despite the 1:2 loss, the Canadians dominated the play and are returning home after a successful trip overseas.

"The report from this second game is quite similar to the report of the first game," says head coach Even Pellerud. "Despite plaing without our profile players, we played a dominant game and attacked China for the full 90 minutes."

While the Chinese potted goals at the 3rd and 10th minutes, Canada was already the better team offensively.

"Two horrendous errors happened in the back early once again. We only scored once despite constant attacks at the Chinese goal."

After scoring their two goals, China rarely got a whiff of the Canadian net. Canada carried the attack for the remainder of the game and even cut the lead in half at the 30th minute thanks to a Diana Matheson goal. The Canadians couldn't add an equaliser, but their performance was superb. By game's end, Canada had outshot the Chinese 24-8.

"The trip to China has been a valuable experience. Despite the losses, the athletes deserve tons of credit for team and individual performance."

Already on their way back, the Canadian team won't have much time to rest. After a couple of days on home soil, they head off to Frisco for an international friendly with the United States on 12 May.

Canada is currently preparing for the FIFA Women's World Cup China 2007 which runs 10-30 September.

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