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Whos the Canadian soccer player of the year?


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When does the CSA announce Canadian soccer player of the year? And is their an award or announcement, ceremony media coverage or anything in Canada?

I guess Sinclair for females is an easy choice.She won 2005 too.

Deguzman maybe.

Maybe the CSA could pump this up a bit this year what do you think Johntv?

Maybe its a secret and they only deliver this info on "a need to know" basis too.

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I really don't know if the CSA has this type of award.I think this should be more of a fan based choice and maybe we could start something along those lines.If it would be my choice Sinclair hands down and Dwayne or Jonathan for the men.Some choice for me to make! There are some great runners up and this is the exciting part we have so many great young soccer players we know of and I wonder how many more are in the making with the emergence of TFC.


There appears to be a tread on this thing already as the Canadian international player of the year.It seems to be overlapping this issue. Anyway reading the other one the choices all are very good and again makes you realize that we have some great Canadian soccer players.Yap I had some time to think about my choice and I pick Jonathan,with so many runners up it's truly great.

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