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Oakville soccer club

john tv

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I have been to many functions involving soccer recognition etc nights. Yes my company sponsors a team.But here we are, every politician was there the mayor,Colin Lynford and his wife ,Bill Hoyle,chairman of the Soccer Hall Of Fame and oddles of other important guys. I had a ball and was very impressed with the turn out. Colin was very passionate about the CSA and referred to the Kevan situtaion in very small terms.Later i learned that maybe the CBC deal may have something to do with all the events that followed.

Congratulations to the Oakville soccer club ,their volunteers are just as amazing as any other club.I spoke to some of the coaches and I realized that these guys are so motivated and so geared to success. I really felt very humble yet realizing I was there as well. Loved the compassion in their eyes.Met some who is who in Oakville including every polirician and the mayore and I realized that Oakville is doing a great job providing everything that our kids need.

Thanks Oakville and keep up the good work,amazing!

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