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Roster Ideas for Canada-Jamaica October 8

Ian Kennett

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quote:Originally posted by Grizzly

How can it be anything personal, I don't know the guy. From what I have heard he is a very nice guy but that doesn't mean he is a good coach. He had six days to prepare the team for this friendly against a Jamaica B-team and it was the most disorganized I have seen us play in probably a decade and that is including under some pretty poor coaches. Where are the results from Hart? He has led us into two U-17 World Cup qualifications in which we failed to qualify. The U-17 results lately have been pretty poor. What are his credentials? When has he coached even youth soccer at a high level?

I never really look at youth team results, youth teams are for giving players exposure. When people consider the youth teams have maybe 3 outings a year, it cannot compare to many countries even in CONCACAF. Look at the very experienced Bate he took the same youth team that Hart had which defeated Scotland in TO and lost two games to Scotland school boys (same team. Bate has the most experience of any of Canada's youth coaches. Good experience for Canada players.

Now this is what I heard from the senior camp in Ottawa from an ex CSL player with one cap. Only 12 players were present in camp in Ottawa, Hume was out with illness so that makes it 11. They trained mainly on attack and ball possession. Then they came into Montreal, two more players arrived, the full squad was only together for two days before game day. They then worked on defending as a team and set plays.

About experience Canada has had very experienced coaches and lost badly to Trinidad, Guatemala and even Cuba. So what does that tell you? Canada played a Jamaican B team before under Holger and won 1-0 in Toronto with Brennan scoring.

Now I am not a fan of Canada's style but against Jamaica I saw an attacking team and some good possession. For me that alone was some light.

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Just spoke to Hainault and still has not heard anything on the away Jamaica trip so i would think it safe to assume he will not be going to this one either. Hopefully he'll get an invite to Budapest. In passing he also told me that at their last game there was 2 Canadian Flags draped over the wall from 2 seperate fans there so he got a bit choked up and went to say thanks to the 2 fans after the game. To answer KAS about Andrew playing regularly, he is the only player on his team that has played 90 minutes of each game so far this year. His pace has never been better, especially for a big boy.

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