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New soccer team's owners sued

Loud Mouth Soup

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SOUTHFIELD -- They have yet to play their first official pro indoor soccer game, but someone already is trying to shut off the Detroit Ignition.

An Ohio company, Ignition Athletic Performance Group LLC, filed a federal lawsuit in Detroit on Friday against the soccer team's owners, alleging trademark infringement.

The Detroit Ignition, owned by the Southfield-based Hantz Group, is scheduled to kick off its first Major Indoor Soccer League season Nov. 4...

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quote:Originally posted by Cooks

Is it me, or are these two logos not even close?

IgnitionCamps_1.jpg The logo for Ignition Athletic Performance Group

IMG_0080.jpg The two logos used by the Detroit Ignition

except that the common feature in all of those designs is the letter "i" with a spark/flame coming out of the top of it.

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