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CSA way of base


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And the BONE HEAD award goes to.

Kevan Pipe and the CSA for putting on an International game the same day as the World Cup final. I mean we must be the only place on earth with games on the same day as the WC final. Give me a break. " What they did not know." uuuhhhhh "we did not have a schedule"

I give up with this guy in charge we could not qualify for a World Cup if everyone failed to show up. Yet we sit back and blame everyone under the sky for our short comings but this idot. Osieck is no good. Yallop is clueless. Mitchell does not know what he is doing. Hart should pick more payers from Quebec. Pellerud plays kick and chase. What do we really expect with a leader like this???

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quote:Originally posted by aussoccerfan

There's hardly any players from Atlantic Canada.


Any NSSL team could probably beat a USL 2nd Division team or a CSL team.


Are these players good enough? Until they prove themselves, they will not be on the teams.

Teams are not selected on a regional basis.

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