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LIWSA accepts FC Victoria U-21 application


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FC Victoria's U-21 women's team has been accepted to compete in the Lower Island Women's Soccer League for the coming 2006/07 season. "This is an important step for our program", noted Diercks. "Our youth players graduating from our academy and summer teams programs have an opportunity to continue their development path with FC Victoria".

FC Victoria Soccer Club's technical director, Dave Dew is named as the head coach of the FC Victoria U-21 Women's team.


I am not sure but this may be the first time an SAAC member academy team has been accepted into a regular provincial association sanctioned league other than in the USL, certainly in BC. Correct me if I am wrong.

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Because they can't get their collective heads out of the sand.

I gotta love the OSA's new self-imposed mandate -

"The OSA conducts (its) business using the following operating principles:

1. The OSA operates with a spirit of collaboration and cooperation with other committed to soccer in Ontario..."

With regards to academies, I would say they are 0 for 1...

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