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Canada Absent From the FIFA World Cup......

The above statement is on their news ticker. They have a small piece on their news where they talk to Pipe, discuss stats and show the new stadium.

I also noticd a piece in the news ealier in the week on Hargreaves. Apparently he is "JEERED" every time he takes to the field for England, including this World Cup.

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Here's the transcript from that. Nice headline.

Canada does not have a soccer team

504 words

15 June 2006

CTV News - PM


© Copyright 2006 CTV Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.


LLOYD ROBERTSON: And finally for us tonight, the question, why is soccer called the beautiful game? Well the answer, just walk by any park or playground where kids are kicking a ball around. It's friendly. It's fun. And it's full of finesse. So that brings up another question. With so many children playing the game, and so many Canadians from other countries who love it, why is there no Canadian team in the World Cup of Soccer? CTV's Genevieve Beauchemin reports.

GENEVIEVE BEAUCHEMIN (Reporter): There is so much passion for the game here, but so little Canadian content to cheer about. The only maple leaf connection at the World Cup is a substitute player on England's team.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: He's a great player from Calgary. Yeah, he's a great player. BEAUCHEMIN: Owen Hargreaves was born here, and his dad is English, so he left for greener fields years ago.

OWEN HARGREAVES (Soccer Player): Because I never got the opportunity to be a footballer in Calgary and Canada. BEAUCHEMIN: After all, maple leafs were only waved once at the World Cup, that was back in 1986, and the team didn't score a single goal. Here's Canada now in the Soccer Federation ranking - number 83. Behind Oman, just ahead of Jordan. Trinidad and Tobago, with a population of just over a million people, that's smaller than Montreal, made it to the tournament. So why is Canada's team on the sidelines at the World Cup? Well fans and analysts have presented plenty of theories. Not part of the culture, they say. Too many inexperienced coaches, too few soccer heroes to look up to. If you could be the biggest star in any sport whatsoever what would it be.



BEAUCHEMIN: But the Soccer Association says that is changing fast. Nine- hundred thousand Canadians now play the game, and more and more register each year. Only part of that comes from growing multiculturalism. Immigrants from countries where soccer is a way of life.

KEVIN PIPE (Canadian Soccer Association): It's not just the multicultural community and so on that they're playing soccer. Soccer is being played in every community by your kids, by your neighbour's kids. By everybody.

BEAUCHEMIN: And this is the symbol of the build-up of the future of the sport. Canada's first stadium just for soccer is under construction in Toronto. It will be ready next spring to host international competitions and a major league soccer team. Add that to spreading World Cup fever, and Canadian kids might just stay in the game and dream of soccer fame. Genevieve Beauchemin, CTV News, Montreal.

ROBERTSON: And that's the kind of day it's been this Thursday, June the 15th. I'm Lloyd Robertson. For all of us here in the national newsroom, goodnight. For some of you, local CTV News is coming right up.

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